Tools and Equipment Used for a Lawn Care and Landscaping Business

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Tools and Equipment Needed

If you are thinking of starting slow with a niche in a specific market, you can start the business using only the basic equipment. Here is a list of some basic equipment you will need during your startup phase:

Leaf Blower/Vacuum. Examples include:

Line or String Trimmers, such as

Hedge Trimmers, such as:

Chainsaws, such as

Other must-have equipment include:

  • Commercial mower
  • Trailer
  • Edgers
  • Handtools (rakes, shovels, broom, trowels, pruner, etc.)
  • Safety equipment include goggles and gloves
  • Truck or some type of transportation such as pick-up truck

However, as your business grows, you can begin to offer more services, and more services often means more equipment. Additional equipment you will need:

  • Riding mowers
  • Skid steer loaders
  • Bed edging materials
  • Water features
  • All types of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizer/pesticide combinations
  • Snow and ice removal tools

One common mistake of lawn care and landscaping business is to buy (or rent) too much equipment. Too often businesses get equipment on impulse without looking at their financial or operational plan (if any). Experts recommend that your equipment should be busy and billable 30-50 percent of the time.

The question you’ll be faced with regards to equipment is when to buy and when to rent. Consider buying the equipment when your company will use it 50 percent of the year or more. Some businesses decide by looking at the number of jobs they need to have in order to pay for the tool – and then make the decision if they can pay for it in a year. Prepare a financial plan, and calculate how much revenue a tool represent and only buy those tools and equipment that can bring the payback in a short time.

Renting equipment on the other hand allows you more control and flexibility in your inventory. Renting is also a smart first step in deciding whether you need to buy the equipment as it allows you the flexibility to try out different makes of equipment to decide the brand and model you would like to purchase. For a start-up business or when introducing a new service, renting your equipment (at least for the first season) makes a lot of sense as it allows you to test the business without the huge investment required for a brand new equipment.

Tools in the business also include software and equipment you can use to improve the efficiency and productivity of your operations. Examples include:

  • GPS truck routing and tracking to reduce fuel costs, increase productivity and see where your trucks have been and at what time
  • Contact management system to keep track of your customers and their information
  • Scheduling and routing programs to help you find the most efficient routes in order to save time and money and cut fuel costs. It also helps you manage your appointments and to set appointment times and dates


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Tools and Equipment Used for a Lawn Care and Landscaping Business
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Tools and Equipment Used for a Lawn Care and Landscaping Business
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