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shoe store businessQUESTION ON Starting a Shoe Store in North Carolina

What permits and licenses would you need to open a small shoe store? I looked everywhere but I can’t find anything I need to start a shoe store.

– Sarah


Dear Sarah,

The permits and licenses you may need depend on your state and county laws. Some areas require you to get both the state license AND the city/county license. You need to contact your county or city hall office to ask for their requirements.

As the NC Department of Secretary of State

“North Carolina has no single generic license for all businesses. Some businesses may be subject to several state requirements while others may not be subject to any. For instance, most service-only businesses are not subject to any state licensing requirements, but restaurants may have to comply with several such requirements. If you are planning to establish a business in North Carolina, you are encouraged to call and speak to a BLIO License Consultant first. Speaking with a consultant is the best way to determine compliance with all state license and permitting requirements. Should you miss a license requirement after relying on advice from BLIO, you will still have to fulfill the license requirement, but you generally will not be punished or have to pay a fine for non-compliance if BLIO failed to advise you about the specific STATE requirement you missed.”

Most of the information you need are up on the web.

Here are some sites you may want to look at:

  • North Carolina Department of Secretary of State Business License Information
  • Greensboro City
  • Business Link North Carolina

Also check out our How to Start a Business in North Carolina

North Carolina Department of Commerce has a toll-free number that you can call 1-800-228-8443 (from 8am – 5pm EST) for your customized consultation specific to your business. I suggest you give them a ring

Good Luck !

Nach M Maravilla

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Article originally published in April 2002. Updated February 27, 2012

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