Starting a Clothing Shop at a Young Age?

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QUESTION ON Starting a Clothing Shop

Hi, my friends and I would like to start a business. The problem is we’re between the ages of 13-15. Is it possible to start a business at our age? If so then how do we get started. We need to know how to get suppliers and all the important information we might have missed on the way. We’ve been very resourceful and gotten a lot of information but what are the most important things we need to know?

– Emily


Dear Emily,

Starting a business usually entails a million and one details. At your young age, you seem to be doing a good job in the first step of opening your own business — research.

We have prepared an article on starting a clothing manufacturing business written by Jenny Fulbright entitled How to Start a Clothing Line Business. To give you in-depth information about the business, please check out the list of books on how to start a clothing line business in our bookstore.

As for starting a business at your age, your main obstacle will be in dealing with other people, including banks, sources of funding, suppliers, landlord (if you’re going to have a shop). Banks, particularly may not deal with you since you still do not have the earning capacity and may not have assets to cover your loan.

To overcome this obstacle, you and your friend must have an adult acting as your adviser and “mouthpiece” to help sell your business idea to your would-be partners, suppliers and financiers. This adult could be your parent, relative, teacher or a business mentor.

To look for potential wholesalers and suppliers, start with our Wholesale Directory, Merchandise Suppliers and Dropshippers. It is best to have an adult contact potential suppliers. Carefully check their requirements, such as business license, sales tax, among others. Do your research first as to what these suppliers require and then be sure to get all the licenses and permits that you need.

Your young age can work for you in terms of getting a lot of publicity. You can highlight the fact that this business is being started by teens ages 13-15. If you are mentioned in a newspaper article or your local television, other people will stand up and take notice. You can then leverage this attention to your advantage, thus turning your “weakness” into an attractive strong point.

I suggest you read the article Lindsay Phillips’ SwitchFlops: A Simple Yet Multi-Million Dollar Idea as Phillips was just 16 years old when she started her highly successful business.

Good luck and thank you for being part of

Good luck!
Nach M Maravilla

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Article originally published in September 2001. Updated February 7, 2016

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