How to Make Money from Drone Aerial Photography

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drone aerial photography

One of the best uses of drones, or unmanned aerial vehicle, is aerial photography. Drones have made it easy to film and create video footages of places, events and other activities from an aerial perspective. It can capture footages previously reserved for Hollywood – the sweeping vistas and gorgeous aerial landscape views that could only be achieved with expensive cameras on board real helicopters!

Drone aerial photography is an exploding field, and its demand is only going to increase in the next few years. For entrepreneurs who are drone hobbyists and expert drone pilots, drone aerial photography represents an excellent business opportunity to pursue.

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What services can you provide from a drone aerial photography business? Drones can be used to film aerial footages of a number of things:

  • High-end real estate properties with sweeping vistas of the home’s location and architecture
  • Outdoor weddings
  • TV or Film productions
  • Wedding proposals
  • Travel destinations
  • Construction progress
  • Parties
  • Other events
  • Mapping services
  • Landscape photography

One wedding photographer who uses a drone to film aerial footages of weddings was commissioned to deliver an engagement ring to a would-be bride in San Francisco (and record the drone’s journey to deliver the ring). You can watch the video of the engagement proposal at:

Real estate is a huge market drone aerial photography. Real estate agents and sellers of luxury homes (think $1M and above homes) want to showcase the best qualities of their homes, including the vista of the home’s location as well an off-ground vantage view of the home’s architecture and grounds. There is no better way to do that than to take an aerial video shot of the homes! It is estimated that about 2% of real estate sold in the United States are million-dollar homes, with realtors generating about $5 billion annually from these sales.
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Take for example the sale of the Colorado home of the actress Melanie Griffith.

With an $8.9 million price tag, the real estate company used a drone to capture the gorgeous location and scenery of the home in the Aspen Mountains. The aerial shots showcased the dramatic quality to the home, which is one of the selling points of the house.

The best part about drones? They are still so new that we may probably be doing things that we don’t know it could today. So keep your eyes open for new opportunities from drones!

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