How to Sell: Understand the Sales Process

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How good are you at understanding the sales process? For example, can you tell what’s wrong with the following telemarketing script?


“Jason Average from the Jungle Group Botswana, how are you? Who would be the correct person to speak with in regard to your advertising and marketing? Terrific, are they available?

“Hello, Jason Average from Jungle Group Botswana, How are you, Sandra?

“I appreciate that your time is valuable, so I’ll be very brief. I’m just calling to introduce myself and the service we provide… I was looking at your advertisement in ____________ and I noticed that you don’t give your Website address. Is there a particular reason for that, and if so, may I ask what it is?”

[“I don’t need a Website, and %X***xx%0*!”]

“Well, Sandra, you know the reason Websites work so well is because buyers like to see things for themselves. This is not the Dark Ages anymore! Think about it — when was the last time you were able to sell something over the phone?”

[“%X***xxx%0*0*!!!!! Not interested %>***x%0XXx@X*!*!!! GOODBYE!”]

Did you pick up on the main mistake Jason made? It was in trying too hard to sell and not using any empathy in the process!

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A possible improvement to the script might be something like this:

“Sandra, I noticed that you don’t give your Website address. Is there a particular reason for that, and if so, may I ask what it is?”


“Fair enough! Well, before I go, perhaps you could tell me — if you were going to get a Website, what sort of money would you look to spend on it?


Yes, I can see you have a good reason for NOT looking at doing anything right now, but if you WERE — what do you THINK would be a fair price to pay to get a Website fully set up for you?


“Look, if I could do you one for just $xx, (that’s FULL PRICE FOR A WHOLE YEAR, including up to 10 images, 300 words of text, email facility, uploading and hosting,) what would you think of that?

“…Can I fax you some more information?

“That would be OK?… Fine, if I do that for you right now, would you be able to fax me back a reply, which tells me, in your words, what type of pictures you want… and could you describe a little more about your business for me?

“Could I have your fax number please?

“Thanks, I’ll get some information to you shortly. Thanks for your time. ‘Bye.”

The difference in the second example was that the salesperson took the time to agree with the prospect, and put himself in the prospect’s shoes. After letting the prospect express herself, the salesperson didn’t continue to argue the point. By agreeing, he was able to sidestep the ‘false’ objections, and get on with the rest of the sales process of getting his prospect involved with the product.

Most sales people expect to have to handle objections, and still, they will often allow small objections to ruin the sale! Salespeople, don’t let your future customers deceive you. In most cases, deep down inside, the customer really wants to buy, because people are ALWAYS happy with an opportunity to get and acquire more. But most prospects will object first on principle! They may simply want the salesperson to acknowledge their intellectual capacity before they allow themselves to be sold.

People are NOT stupid! So, if possible, agree with your prospect’s objections — up to a point. Handle the big ones, learn to flow over the small ones, and make that sale!

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