How to Put Your Targeted Customer in a Buying Mood

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Looking for ways you can increase your online sales? Learn the six steps you can transform your visitors into customers.

1. Know your targeted customer.

You must have an intimate knowledge of his wants and needs. Ask yourself:

  • “How does my product(s) benefit my targeted market?”
  • “Why should my targeted customers buy from me?”
  • “How will I fill my targeted customer’s wants and needs?”

Once you have answered these questions, start writing your web copy. When you think you are finished, get an unbiased person(s) to read it and give you constructive criticism. When you think you have excellent web copy, move on to # 2.

2. Now take a closer look at your sales copy.

It MUST make your targeted customer think:

  • “Hmmm..I really need this Product X” AND
  • “Gee, I wish I’d found this Product X six months ago”.

Does it make you think those thoughts? If you have any doubts, get a few more unbiased persons (not the same ones!) to read your web copy. Ask them what thoughts come to mind as they read it. Don’t stop rewriting until you hear your reviewers echo “a” and “b” above.

Do this properly and you can be sure that your targeted customers will have these positive thoughts too once they read your web copy.

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3. Your potential customer is now in a receptive or buying mood.

This is exactly what you want! Your customer will think you are giving him valuable information, as opposed to a sales pitch. Work hard to keep that positive impression. Now that your potential customer is in a buying mood…

4. It’s decision time!

Your customer MUST feel that he is making up his own mind. He will then justify his decision based on his wants and needs. Once your targeted customer has completed this step, your chances are excellent that he will place an order. Now for the most important thing…

5. Explicitly ask your customer to order your product.

Make it VERY easy for him to do so. If you sell your own products, be sure you can handle credit cards, or at least online checks. The less time your new customer spends in the ordering process, the less time he has to change his mind!

6. Offer further information that your targeted customer can read online.

He may not be ready to order your product today, but he may order after he reads your more detailed sales material. Remember, your potential customer may just need a little more convincing for him to become a buying customer!

Best of luck and many sales to you!

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