What is Marketing?

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Many people hate marketing. Any number of fears coming crashing to the psychological forefront of many minds with anything that smacks of selling, marketing or advertising. Fears that must be put into perspective or your business will die a decidedly unpleasant death.

In fact, marketing is, without exception as vital to a business as breathing is to a body. Furthermore marketing can be fun. The kind of fun, the kind of challenge that makes your adrenaline rush and pops you out of bed at abnormal hours. Marketing is the life force of doing business. Let us help you make peace with the process and enjoy the journey.

Every business and every business professional sells their services or products in one form or another. Even doctors, therapists, and lawyers of respectable reputations market their services. These professionals have learned to do it with such subtlety that it smacks of service when applied. Doctors of good reputations do not place ads, they have seminars or health clinics. Therapists have marriage encounters or community family workshops, lawyers speak on topics of wide interest in order to gain exposure. These are often quiet little marketing tools which the rest of the business community can adapt with dynamic success. Rather than “in your face” advertising, the Internet is more a place of information, of giving to receive, of marketing by permission. The Internet is refining the courtesy for which services and products are sold thereby increasing the confidence of consumers who no longer want to be assaulted by forced advertising.

Hard core sales used to apply the rule, ten no’s before the salesmen leaves for another victim. Now one “no” in cyberspace should be enough. If you’re marketing correctly, you won’t have to deal with any no’s. Your audience will want what you sell and seek you out. They will “opt in” to listen to you.


Marketing by definition is an activity that never ends. It is not something done at the launch of your business and then forgotten about. It is the aerobics of healthy commerce and constant attention to it will push you into the top of your business potential. Marketing is contentious and thoughtful. It is creative.

Lastly, marketing is planned. If you approach marketing with a buck shot approach, you will gain very little. A good marketing effort starts with a business plan, understanding your target market and gathering information for reaching that target. It is a precisely defined and executed activity that makes your business breathe with sales. A well mapped out strategy will realize your goals and bring about success. The following tutorials are designed to help you make the most of your own personal business marketing efforts. The work you will do here will make you a star in your industry, sought after by your buying audience and feared by your competition. Take the time to process each step until it becomes a natural extension of your daily work.

Recommended Books on Marketing Your Small Business:

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  1. ebony says:

    how can I make money

    • This is one of the biggest questions we have — “How do we make money.” There’s no clear cut answer to this question as there are a number of paths to take as there are a number of skills, talents and abilities. It all depends on what you can do, what you want to do, and what you are capable of doing. I suggest you check out the site, especially the section on Business Ideas.

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