How to Overcome Challenges and Climb Your Mountain

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As an entrepreneur, your daily life is beset with challenges of all kinds. Each day, you must find ways to solve your problems and learn how to turn difficulties into opportunities. Here are ten ways you can approach your seemingly “insurmountable” mountains of challenges.

It’s sheer madness. How on earth are we going to accomplish this feat? Mountains are big; but let’s discuss ways you can overcome challenges and climb your mountain…

1. Is it really a mountain? Or is it that you see a mountain?

The task before you could be a 2500 meter climb, a 10000 meter race, to organize the Olympic Games, buy a carton of milk at the corner shop or to keep to your schedule to please an important client. The task before you is indeed a mountain if that is what you see!

Take a good look at what lies ahead of you. Let’s say you have a relatively short amount of time to organize a meeting for your regional director. If the first thing that pops into your head is that you probably won’t achieve it in time, therein lies the problem. Without this pre-conception your job is a simple undertaking. But when you have convinced yourself it’s not possible you have just created Mt Fuji when only a moment earlier it was a mere baseball mound.

Give yourself some credit. You didn’t get to where you are now by selling yourself short! Bring the baseball mound back.

2. Go around the mountain

It is important to do some research first. There are always many possible answers to the one single problem. We all know it is easier to work our way around the hill than to tackle the peak itself. Is the goal to climb to the peak or simply to get to the other side?

If your destination is just to get to the other side then adjust your plan accordingly. Conserve your energy for those things that are indeed closer to your heart.

3. Do you really need to climb the mountain?

This is very important here. Be overly honest with yourself. Why are you going to climb this mountain? Is it because deep down you really want to accomplish this feat or is it to please somebody else? This is probably the most important issue here. If you climb for the wrong reasons the chances are; at worst, you will fail and at best, you will have a feeling of being unfulfilled from within.

Don’t do everything simply to please someone else. It will severely deflate you. You are the most important person in the world. Treat yourself with the respect you deserve. If you don’t, others may infinitely be pressing your buttons.

If you’ve wanted to get to the peak of this hill then for heavens sake go there and achieve it. The feeling will be exhilarating. If you’re indifferent, then find your niche. You will have to seek it out as it is highly unlikely that it will find you.

4. Don’t do it alone!!

A group of individuals with the same common goal have a habit of drawing incredible power and strength from one another. Plan your trip carefully with experienced mountaineers. A team with the same target has a much greater chance of success than a lone ranger with summit fever.

overcome challenges

In relation to your professional life it is important that you seek out as much knowledge and professional advice as possible from the wealth of information available from others. Tap into as many different success formulae as you can. Educate yourself in your field, absolutely! Become an expert. Even if you are already an expert in your field there are always mountains (pardon the pun) of new material regularly released that will assist you no end in your endeavors.

5. You’ve already reached the mountain peak in your mind!!!

This is an important training exercise. As you vision in your mind that the goal i.e. in this case reaching the summit has already been achieved you will sub-consciously adjust your surroundings to make getting there substantially easier.

Visions of success will increase your confidence and therefore your chances of success.

Put a goal sheet on your wall, beside your desk, inside your cap, in your wallet, purse…anywhere but make them visible to you.

6. Start climbing from the best access point

Experience has shown that the journey will be easier when you start from as close as possible to your goal. Prepare thoroughly. This point is a follow on from the last. In a nutshell be a PT (prepare thoroughly) for everything you do.

When thoroughly prepared you will have created answers to problems that have at this time not developed into problems, but will be easily recognizable and solvable if and when they transpire.

7. Okay, You’ve decided to climb, but climbing is fun!

You’ve decided to climb the hill. There is only one lifetime and therefore no time for regrets. Enjoy your climb. If you don’t you shouldn’t really be there in the first place.

Enjoy what you do, always!

8. Plan for every contingency

It’s always good to be prepared for anything that can potentially happen. Plan ahead and cover all your options. It may seem pedantic but every motor car racer, virtually every professional will plan for all situations. It’s not much point realizing what you need when you need it. Generally speaking, it’s too late at this point.

9. Travel lightly

This is straight forward. What you take with you will need to carry. There’s not much chance of an industrial hair dryer coming in handy.

In a business sense, make sure your home life stays there. If you are developing something on the home front, for heavens sake make sure it stays there. If you bring your home concerns to work your output will indeed be impeded. This will weigh you down and have the same effect a laden backpack would.

Give your mind a break. Don’t fill your rucksack with non-necessities…

10. Enjoy the view

You will pass through incredible heights during your journey. Make them memorable; this is a marvelous feat you are accomplishing. Realize it for what it is and you’ll enjoy it and gain an incredible amount of strength from your accomplishment.

Who knows you may then start to plan your next rewarding achievement…

Think Successfully.

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