How to Start a Handyman Business

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How to Start a Handyman Business

How to Start a Handyman Business

Owning your own home is a dream come true for many people. However, home ownership is not without cost foremost of which is the wear and tear of the dwelling requiring repairs and maintenance. There’s also this innate desire to make your home your very own through improvements and remodeling that will suit your lifestyle, tastes, and preferences.

Some homeowners undertake these improvements, repairs and remodeling on their own — but many require the help of a skilled handyman. With the increasingly busy and hectic lives juggling work and family, people have less time to do odd-jobs in their homes. They turn these tasks to a handyman instead.

If you have special skills and talents in home improvement and handy with the tools of the trade, you can leverage that to start a handyman business.

If you will start a handyman business, you provide home and property owners with your skills and expertise to improve or repair their homes, allowing them to spend their time to pursue their life. Your customers will rely on you to provide repair and improvement services in an economically efficient and time-saving way — and no job is too small for a handyman.

What is a Handyman?

A handyman is a jack of all trades capable of handling a wide variety of home repairs and improvement tasks, including fixing leaky faucets, making shelving, and replacing hard-to-reach light bulbs. More often, you will be hired by the hour (plus material costs if you provide them), about $65 – $90 an hour.

A handyman is different from a contractor. A handyman is often used for small projects, typically completed in a couple of hours. You will not work on major jobs that will require a general contractors’ license such as kitchen remodeling or home additions. Jobs that take weeks or months to complete are handled by licensed contractors.

how to start a handyman business

Handyman is not a specialist and does all types of work. They often present a cost effective solution to homeowners and clients rather than hiring a specialist. You can be asked to do different types of jobs that will typically require two or three specialists. While specialists do a good job in their specialties, they also charge specialist prices.

Take for example a leaky roof. The homeowner can decide to call a roofer to fix the roof problem. But a leaky roof could also mean that the drywall may have been damaged as well, so the homeowner needs to call a drywaller. If there’s any problem with the insulation, then the homeowner will need to call someone to repair the insulation. Instead of calling three different specialists, the homeowner can save money by calling a handyman instead.

Services Offered by a Handyman

There are a wide variety of tasks and services that you can offer as a handyman. While there are no specific qualifications to start a handyman business, you need to be familiar with all aspects of the trade.

handyman Some examples that your handyman business can offer include, but not limited to, the following:


  • Install or repair gutter covers
  • Roof repairs


  • Caulk and grout
  • Bath exhaust fan repair
  • Tile installation or repair
  • Flooring installation or repair
  • Cabinetry/counters
  • Drywall/Plaster repair
  • Installation or repair of electrical switches, outlets and fixtures
  • Paint
  • Miscellaneous repairs


  • Closet organizers
  • Drywall/plaster repairs
  • Window installations
  • Window treatments
  • Door repairs
  • Paint
  • Bookcases
  • Furniture assembly
  • Moulding/Trim installation
  • Custom carpentry
  • Mirrors, paintings, tapestries
  • Miscellaneous Repairs

Family/Living Rooms

  • Wall/shelving units
  • Drywall/Plaster repairs
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Window Treatments/Installation
  • Mantel Installation
  • Custom Carpentry


Recommended Books on Starting a Handyman Business:


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