When Working from Home is Not Right for You

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You’ve been laid off from your job, or money is really tight and other sources of income are most welcome. Other people faced with similar situations embark on a home-based business instead. They start their own businesses instead of applying for a new job, or getting a second job — and they make good living working from home.

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But is the option of working from home right for you?

Here’s a news flash for you: not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, more so a home-based business owner. Some people are better suited for it than others.

Here are some indicators that you are better off employed than starting your own home business:

The sense of belonging to a corporate environment is important to you.

As a corporate worker, you are part of a whole system, never mind if you are simply a small peg in the hole. You derive identity and satisfaction from a job title and a place on the organization chart.

You need security and stability above all else.

You cannot endure the thought of not knowing whether you will earn enough money to cover your grocery expenses next week. You need a place to go everyday that will provide you a regular, steady paycheck. You are a risk-averse person, who wants to play it safe all the time.

You are a social creature in need of regular human interaction.

You need to know the latest office news, intrigues, even jokes. You need to keep to be updated with the latest boyfriend of your officemate, or the new tricks of your colleague’s baby. Truth to tell, you go a little nuts if there is not a lot of social stimulation. Perhaps that’s why you end up organizing the company summer picnic every year. With a home business, unless your business involves going out and talking to people, chances are you have only yourself to talk to the whole daylong. For some people, isolation just won’t do.

You need set rules; organization and concrete terms of references.

Structure keeps you on task. You need to know where your responsibilities begin and end; what your accountabilities are, which preferably do not include everything. You have defined your own role, and you stick to your own place in the organization. You need to have a boss to guide you and direct you. You want someone else to be in charge, and someone else to take care of things beyond your circle of responsibility..

You are a team player.

You would rather work on a team, than on solo projects. You perform much better while collaborating with others, compared to tasks that you do alone. You would rather be competent in a group environment, rather than get the high profile assignments that will put you in the limelight.

Certain assignments are simply beneath you.

Most home business owners are solo workers who need to do everything by themselves – from cold calling customers, production or creation of the product, keeping records and books, even organizing your rolodex and ordering office supplies. Everything simply rests on your shoulders. If you have aversion for certain tasks, like accounting for example, you can choose to outsource these tasks. Be prepared to spend resources on these outsourced activities.

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