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QUESTION on Where to Find Customers for PowerPoint Templates Presentations

I have started a business offering solutions to those who wish to create effective PowerPoint presentations. I am looking for groups/organizations/companies that are in need of high impact custom PowerPoint templates and presentations. Can you suggest where I can find those organizations and businesses?

– Mark (Boston MA

ANSWER by Isabel Isidro

Dear Mark:

Basically any groups/organizations that uses PowerPoint in presentations is your target market. The more they use PowerPoint, the more they are likely to need your product.

One thing you have to consider is that many creators of PowerPoint presentations do not know that enhancements and plug-in to the software are available. So they try to work within the given parameters of the software. A key part, therefore, of your marketing plan should be the education of your target clientele. You need to tell them why they need to enhance their PowerPoint, show them the limitations of the software and how your product can make their presentations more effective.

Where to find potential customers? One way is to search the Web for organizations and websites that put up a lot of PowerPoint presentations, especially those who use PowerPoint on the Web as tutorial tool (as against an academic institution for example that publishes PowerPoint presentations made during class lectures). These entities will be receptive to suggestions on how to improve a key component of their Web content.

An organization that does a lot of original research – e.g. think tanks or policy research organizations — may want a succinct way of presenting their ideas on the Web. If they are still not using PowerPoint as part of their Web content, you can pitch to them the benefits of adding PowerPoint presentations on their website. And naturally, you have to tell them that the basic PowerPoint software is not enough, but they need your enhanced PowerPoint. I know that Kaiser Foundation uses it extensively in their kaiseredu.com website, but the liberal Brookings Institution or conservative Heritage Foundation do not currently offer PowerPoint presentations on the Web (or if they do, it’s the very basic type).

You may also want to check out new businesses launched. Local business publications normally contain listings of newly registered businesses. Why? Because new businesses are more likely to be making pitches to funding sources – of which PowerPoint is an essential tool. They are also more likely to go around making presentations as part of their marketing approach.

Study your competitors. The Web has made it easy to check out the offerings of competitors. One website that comes to mind is PresentationPro.com – and what they do is to offer free trials of their software. I know they advertise extensively in Google, and of course contextual advertising is a way you can reach targeted customers.

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Article originally published November 2005. Updated on January 19, 2012


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