How to Promote a New Clothing Line

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QUESTION ON Promoting a New Clothing Line Product

I am a 15 year old who just started a clothing line with my 2 friends. The clothing brand is called renegade i.n.c and is aimed for people in the hip hop community. The clothes have a unique style of patch work, paint, bleaching, and stitching. Now that I have many clothing articles finished, I wanted to know how I can get my cloths known. I believe that they have a very high potential at selling since I have already had many offers for the clothes that I made. If you can give me ideas to make my clothing known it would be very helpful

– Peter


Advice by Kathy Gates

Hi Peter,

Congratulations for your work! Since you already have a number of articles of clothing finished and ready to show, you have several options available to you.

First, I think your age will be a great benefit to you, because your local paper and TV should be interested in your work as a human interest type of story. Research your paper and local TV programs and see where you think your story might fit in.

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For example, my local paper carries a weekly column called Teens in Action, and there is a local morning program that often showcases teenagers. Contact them and see if you can interest them in your work.

Second, you could check out the fall craft fairs and buy a booth.

Third, you could check with some local restaurants and see if you could put on a fashion show with some of your friends maybe during a lunch hour. Of course, it would need to be where people interested in the clothing (or people who might market it) would be for lunch.

Fourth, setting up a website is always a good idea. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, just make it small and to the point to get you started. That way you can market to a very specific audience who is searching for the type of clothing you are offering.

A webpage will help you reach a much larger market. If you just can’t afford the website, check online to see if you might consign with someone else who will use your line of clothing to help bring them additional traffic as well. A mutual benefit type of thing.

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Finally, you could also check with some small boutiques in your area and see if they might carry your clothing line for a small consignment fee. The general idea is to get some local attention, so that you can leverage that into some bigger attention. I hope this has been helpful.

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Kathy Gates
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How to Promote a New Clothing Line
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How to Promote a New Clothing Line
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