Starting an Alternative Gallery Art Space

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QUESTION ON Starting an Alternative Gallery Art Space

I have just graduated with a masters in Art History. I am interested in opening my own alternative art gallery space. How do i go about, soliciting financial advice and support? What sort of grant resources are out there?-

– Raimond, California


Advice by Tammy Harrison

Dear Raimond,

One of the great *unknowns* for funding comes from the Federal and State Governments. Check with your local, state and national Arts Council. My aunt serves on the board of one in her very small town of 1000 in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska – so I know that they can be found everywhere! Try your local library if you cannot find a listing for such, as they may have that information.

It may also behoove you to make it a point to attend shows at various art galleries. Not only will you be able to network and meet some great people, but, by standing in the corner and observing who comes through the doors, you will be able to see who and where the art lovers come from. Those art lovers could be the key to your financial success!

Strike up conversations, slink over to the guestbook and find out their names, take the time to observe so that you can then make contact with your financial target audience.

I have also heard of successes by association. Find an artist who needs you to promote them, and create long-term exclusive agreements. That way, you would be the only one selling their works, and they will rely on you and your expertise to do so. Once the artist starts making a splash in the art world, you will have the only rights to sell their original works!

Hope this helps! Best of luck to you,

Tammy Harrison

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Article originally published in April 2003. Updated February 25, 2012
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