Balancing Work and Family in the Summer

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The relaxed pace of summer is peeking just around the corner. And it is definitely welcome to many of us, but the challenge and sometime stressful moments of balancing motherhood and work is not always so welcome.

Like much of motherhood, being flexible is key and planning in advance is a necessity. To help you make this summer the best it can be with as little stress as possible, here are some tips for balancing your many roles during the summer:

work at home mom

If you don’t have a laptop, now is a great time to consider getting one especially with wireless Internet connection.

You can work just about anywhere with your laptop and wireless connection. That means portability to work in any room in your home as well as work at locations in public with wireless connection – coffee shops, public parks, airports, shopping areas, skating rinks and more.

Take convenience a step higher and use technology.

You can make your laptop into a desktop by using a docking station, which allows you to still use your monitor and keyboard like a desktop without the hassle of using two computer and transferring files and emails back and forth. Laptop prices have dropped dramatically and some laptops are as low as $300 while docking stations start around $60.  Or if you want to be more portable, consider getting a tablet like iPad. Now may be the time to make your business work around your busy life more than ever.

Technology is a great thing. Look into what you can automate in your business. Perhaps you can set up autoresponders when someone purchases or requests something from your website.

If you know your workload is going to be overwhelming, start planning now what you can delegate.

Perhaps, its time to hire a Virtual Assistant to help you in your business. There are many talented, capable VAs who can do anything from word processing to data entry, to answering calls to respond to email to much more.  Diana Ennen, a virtual assistant since 1985 states to start looking now and train them in what you want them to do to keep things running smoothly. Chances are you’ll probably end up keeping them even after the summer is over.

Even with more portability, moms need some time to work, relax, rejuvenate or just catch a breath. So what to do with those sweet cherub-like children squealing and running underfoot?

Check out the summer camps in your area.

These days there are camps for just about everything from sports to art to acting to science. Check your local parenting publications. Many of them have summer camp guides.

Kid Swap

No, this isn’t a bad, new reality TV series. It’s an opportunity to pre-arrange some play date exchanges with your trusted friends and neighbors. Kids get to play and have fun and moms get an opportunity to catch up on work or find a little time for relaxation.

Consider a Mom’s Helper

They can be great playmates and keep your kids occupied while you work. You may hire someone once a week, every morning or whatever your schedule and work requires.

With a little planning and forethought, you can make this summer not only less stressful but actually enjoyable and fulfilling. Take time now to get yourself ready. You and your kids will be glad you did.


Lesley Spencer is founder and president of the, Inc. She has a Master’s Degree in Public Relations and has been featured in numerous media outlets including CBS News, Forbes, Business Week, Parents, Wall Street Journal and USA Today. She has been working from home for over 10 years and has two children whom she absolutely adores!

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