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Understanding legitimacy when determining job opportunities is difficult and a lack of understanding of what you are looking for can cost you time and money—the two things you are trying to save by becoming home-based.

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What is a legitimate opportunity?

You would probably agree that by answering a classified ad for a waitress at a local diner is legitimate. Or becoming a sales representative for a major drug manufacturer is legitimate. But, is purchasing the list of companies that hire telecommuters legitimate? Is answering the telephones for 900 numbers legitimate? Is posting your resume for free legitimate?

There are numerous organizations who are trying to keep cyberspace safe for all of us. The scam police are out and about the internet and many websites post names of individuals and companies that will take your money and then change their post office box. The World Wide Web has its own version of BBB to try to cut down on illegality. But you have to do your own part in the investigation and the determination of honesty and truth or a legitimate opportunity means so many different things to many different people.

Answering telephone numbers for a 900 service is legitimate work. It may not fall under your definition of such, but there are a number of people who do it and enjoy it and are successful entrepreneurs. Is it the right job for you? The only way to determine that is to know your own definition of legitimate.

Consider this: You are looking for work and you pay the newspaper to run a classified advertisement that says “Will work for food” Is this legitimate? What if you found a website that offered to post your resume for a fee. Is that different than paying to run a classified ad? It is legitimate if all they are promising is to do is to post your resume for potential advertisers to read.

Or what about the websites that offer to sell you a product that has a listing of companies that hire telecommuters. Is that legitimate? It is if you receive what they promise, a list of companies that hire telecommuters–not companies that currently have telecommuting positions available. Do you see the difference? Both of these examples fall within that huge definition of legitimacy.

Do all of your research to determine what you believe to be the definition of a legitimate opportunity BEFORE you buy into something that will make you lose time and money. Know exactly what you are paying for in relation to what a company has promised to provide. Always pay by credit card so that you have the added protection for a refund and never purchase a “legitimate opportunity” on impulse. You have to do your own part in order to keep from being scammed by legitimate opportunities.

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