How to Create a Functional and Fashionable Home Office

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If you work from home, you know it can be difficult to concentrate in a space that is generally used for relaxing. Whether or not you’re planning to use your home as a permanent office space or are just going to meet with clients a few times a week, a workspace that is not only functional but beautiful can help inspire and motivate you to go the extra mile. Here are some of our favorite ways to create a home office space that is both functional and fashion-forward.

1. Lots of Light

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Nothing inspires us more than a sun-drenched space. If your room gets good natural light, use it! Frame your windows with curtains that you can draw should the space get too bright. Make sure they’re in a light color, or one that particularly inspires you to stay creative. If you don’t have natural light at your disposal, opt for a few different lighting sources. Choose a fanciful overhead light like a chandelier or pendant if your office is go-getter-glam. Add a table lamp perched on your desk and a floor lamp in the corner to highlight your accolades on the wall, a reading nook or a smaller work station.
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2. Add Texture

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While anyone can tell you to get a comfy desk chair or a rug that doesn’t budge, we insist on adding lots of texture to inspire your creative space. If you’re looking to create an elegant space to write emails and hold client meetings, look for unique textures that add character to your space, like a natural fiber rug, lacquered tables or textured wallpaper. Anyone can create a cookie-cutter cubicle, but adding texture to your home office elevates its style from drab to fab.
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3. Floating Furniture

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Sometimes, having your desk pushed up against a wall can stifle your creativity. Our best home office trick? Have your desk and chair “float” in the middle of the room instead. Utilizing the floating furniture concept helps you concentrate, as you are able to move around to grab a book, get up for lunch and swivel around the desk to speak with a client. Staging a desk and chair in the middle of the room helps anchor the space and allows you to make a statement with your set up.
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4. Mix and Match

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What we love about office spaces is that they can be a combination of your favorite things, designs and styles, because they are spaces with which you inspire your own workflow. Add glamour with a chandelier, but keep the rest of the space subdued with understated furniture. Go bold and opt for bright colors and high-gloss finishes. Or, choose a mild color palette and low-maintenance area rugs and draperies. We particularly love adding extra charm with unexpected accessories in place of everyday office supplies. For instance, keep your pens and pencils in a simple glass jar, your favorite books stacked horizontally on the edge of your desk, or a great piece of art subbed in for a TV screen or work-themed poster.

How do you inspire your creativity with a home office space?

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Designing home offices for clients is a mainstay for California interior designer Kerrie Kelly. Her firm, Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, provides advice for creating home offices that look beautiful and improve productivity. Kerrie writes on decor and design online for Home Depot’s Home Decorators Collection. To review a large selection of home office accessories, you can the Home Decorators Collection here.


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Kerrie Kelly

Kerrie Kelly is a Sacramento based interior designer who likes to write about all things design for The Home Depot. Kerrie also provides great tips on integrating home care into design, such as fire safety and child-proofing.

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