7 Nontraditional Spaces for a Home Office

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7 Nontraditional Spaces for a Home Office

Newer houses often have home offices or flexible spaces designed right into the floor plan. With older homes, you may have to get creative. So, where can you create a home office in a house built before they were a thing? Say no more! We’ll help you come up with some ideas.

1. Formal Dining Room

Formal Dining Room: 7 Nontraditional Spaces for a Home Office

With the trend toward casual, great room-style open spaces for dining, your formal dining area may have become a catch-all for your dry cleaning and boxes of Halloween decorations. With some rearranging, this space could be fantastic for a larger home office that allows you to see clients and hold meetings.

2. Behind the Sofa

Behind the Sofa: 7 Nontraditional Spaces for a Home Office
Source: http://www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com/2014/09/pretty-fall-home-tour-four-generations-one-roof

The space behind your sofa is also a possibility. A sofa table could easily double as a desk when coupled with a chair and a slim laptop. Space has the potential to be used in multiple ways—plus it’s comfortable. A few accessories like a plant and a small side table bookcase make the space pleasant and not too in-your-face for others using your family or living space.

3. Under the Stairs

Under the Stairs: 7 Nontraditional Spaces for a Home Office

A little nook under the stairs is a great place to squeeze in a small desk and work area, as it’s often unused and tucked out of the way.

4. A Closet

A Closet: 7 Nontraditional Spaces for a Home Office
Source: https://lifethrualens.net/

While it may be difficult to give up a closet in your home, some creative storage solutions could clear the space and give you the privacy and quiet you crave while you’re hard at work. You could always use the space above your desk as storage with shelving and boxes. This option may require some light construction to create a desk and some wiring, but you’ll be set in no time after a Saturday afternoon work party.

5. Attic

Attic: 7 Nontraditional Spaces for a Home Office

Attics don’t have to just store your old stuff. The pitch of your roof can create a space perfect for a desk. The trick with this space is to make sure you have clearance when you stand up. Attics are a great place for home offices where some quiet is important. Simply close the door and the noise from your children’s TV shows or video games is blocked out.

6. Out in the Open

Out in the Open: 7 Nontraditional Spaces for a Home Office
Source: http://loveandrenovations.com/2016/02/03/the-home-office/

This may seem like a less-than-ideal situation for an office, but if you have a large, multi-purpose room, it could be just the ticket. Using furniture placement, moveable room dividers and accessories, the office space will flow nicely with the rest of the space.

7. Shed

Shed: 7 Nontraditional Spaces for a Home Office
Source: http://ciburbanity.com/backyard-dream-shed-one-room-challenge-reveal/

The ultimate stand-alone home office. Detached from your main home, you can go all-out creating a private space for your thriving home business. You may be able to convert a yard storage shed that is already on your property, or purchase a pre-fab shed and configure it how you see fit. A shed is a great option if your business requires storage for the product. Personally, this is my dream option.

Don’t despair if you don’t know immediately where to carve out space for your home office. With a little creativity and thinking outside the design box, you’ll be on your way to the perfect space for you in no time.



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