How to Know You are a Workaholic: 18 Signs

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Have you sometimes been called a workaholic or a Type A character? If you have already been dubbed this more than one time, you may desire to do a cautious self analysis. This personality trait can ultimately be quite hazardous to your physical health and well being.

Driven individuals are normally described as hot-tempered, feeling like there is not enough time, worried about their rank, greatly competitive, industrious, business-like, militant, and having difficulty taking a breather. They are from time to time scorned. Moreover, they are addicted to stress.

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Have a look at the following questions and answer them truthfully.

1. Do you eat without delay, restless about the next moment and not even really paying attention to what you’re eating?

2. Do folks usually advise you to chill out?

3. Do you grind your teeth or clamp your jaw?

4. Do you have dark circles under your eyes?

5. Are you very aggressive and competitive?

6. Does it aggravate you to wait? Do you get ruffled when you are required to wait in line?

7. Do you frequently multitask when you are driving, conversing on the telephone or viewing TV?

8. Do you find it extremely difficult to outsource or pass on projects, wanting rather to have full control?

9. Do you find yourself laboring for long hours, unable to let go of consistently striving to achieve economic success?

10. Do you remain competitive with everybody about everything?

11. Do you often think about other things when you are “listening” to other people?

12. Are you typically in a hurry?

13. Do you typically find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep because you are re-living the day’s events, an annoying conversation with somebody or an error you made?

14. Do you fit in with the “glass is half-full ” gang?

15. Do you reckon nearly all people are crooked and only out for themselves?

16. Do you become quickly upset,
frustrated or mad when driving?

17. Do people’s mistakes infuriate you to the point of cursing at them or getting really offended?

18. Are you tremendously critical of yourself and others?

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If you have answered yes to a handful of these questions, you may want to reflect on your methods. Type An individuals frequently live a much shorter and less fulfilling life. Some methods to help abolish or diminish Type A propensities are to exercise, meditate, practice thinking optimistically and gratitude and to make sure you save plenty of time to spend with friends and family– take joy in time outside of work.

There is nothing wrong with being an over-achiever, with specifying high standards for yourself and for others. Even so, gentleness, sympathy and appreciation are also necessary qualities and it is vital to develop a habit of looking after yourself. Reduce your speed every so often and enjoy life.

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How to Know You are a Workaholic: 18 Signs
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How to Know You are a Workaholic: 18 Signs
Have you sometimes been called a workaholic or a Type A character? Here are 18 questions to help you know if you are a workaholic
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