Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Website Redesign

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The New Year has come and companies are going back to their plans last year to check the things that have been accomplished and what else needs to be improved. One key element that needs to be reviewed is the performance of the website relative to the goals set for it based on the overall business objectives.

Your website should be a very important part of your business and its overall marketing strategy. It can help you service customers, increase lead generation and reach people who are searching for your products and services at a time when they need it. If you have invested in a website, it should be producing a return on investment and if it’s not, it might be because you’re not taking full advantage of the benefits that a well crafted website and internet marketing strategy has to offer.

Therefore, reviewing and refining your website marketing plan and strategy is just as important as reviewing your profit and loss statement. Has it been meeting the website’s objectives? Is your website inviting, and does it convert visitors to avail your products and services?

If you are not sure whether to get a website redesign based on sales figures alone, here are other factors that may help you decide if you totally need to make website redesign as a top priority this year.

1. Your website is not mobile friendly.

Mobile has been rapidly growing in the last few years, as usage of smartphones and tablets have become more commonplace. It is critical that your website provides the same experience across the various platforms — not just desktop but smartphones and tablets as well. You can either choose to go for a responsive website design or to create a mobile version of your site. Whatever path you choose, you need to seriously think about whether your website is advancing your goals when a visitor looks at it through their mobile device.

2. Your website has not been updated in 2 years (or even more).

If your website was made years ago, most likely your website looks dated, or worse, abandoned. The acceptable “professional look” years ago look pretty unprofessional today, and may have had your potential customers look elsewhere without your company realizing it. Within the last two years so much has changed. You need to update your website to meet web 2.0 standards and take advantage of the tools that it provides so that you can take full advantage of your website. Not to mention an outdated website reflects bad on your company and can make you lose credibility.

3. Your website is getting visitors but sales are still low.

This is a big no-no. Your company website is there to generate more sales for your company. It was not built to see how many people would visit in a day. It was built to get leads, and even close the sale. If you have substantial traffic, but no conversions, it is time to get a website redesign. A intelligent and intuitive website redesign can help direct a potential client into the sales process step-by-step to get your product or service easily. Rethink your sales funnel, and how you are directing users within your site to your goals.

4. Your website is not optimized for search engines.

If you noticed that your website is all alone in the wilderness and nobody seems to be dropping by, maybe your pages cannot be found by search spiders. You can ask for a website redesign that will help put SEO tags in all your pages so that it can be indexed properly by search engines for keywords that potential customers are using to search the internet to find businesses like yours. If you are one of those who jumped early with the SEO bandwagon years ago, you may even be doing some SEO violations without knowing it. The acceptable SEO tactics 2 years ago – to arrive at the top of the pages – are totally different now. Some SEO strategies that were harmless years ago are now black hat. Also, search engine requirements that consider a website relevant for a keyword have changed many times already. If you are still using the older techniques, you may not be indexed by search engines optimally.

5. Your website needs new functionality.

It is time to redesign your website if you need to update or add new features and functionality, such as:

  • add a blog
  • add semantic elements to clearly define the elements of your web pages
  • incorporate social sharing features
  • add other major features
  • improve load times

You may also redesign your website if you will shed old or outdated web protocols. Before, flash animations cannot be indexed by search engines. These days, flash-based articles can be seen by Google, if optimized with keywords correctly. However, both potential customers and search engines still want a website to open quickly. If your website is full of clunky flash pages that take forever to open, your audience have definitely looked for products and services elsewhere, so it’s time for a website redesign.



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Nicole McCullum is the Founder of Captivate Designs, a Web Design Company that provides professional and effective website design that’s affordable to businesses throughout the US and Canada. Ms McCullum has been featured on as a Web Design Expert and her web design tips and articles have been published in NY Enterprise Report and Strategy Magazine. You may reach her by emailing her at info at For more tips on successful web design strategies and internet marketing you may visit her blog ”Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine” at .
Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Website Redesign
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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Website Redesign
Is your website working as it should? Here are factors that may help you decide if you totally need to make website redesign as a top priority this year.
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