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When it comes to shopping online teenagers are always taken as a challenge. However, they don’t have credit cards but still they love to shop online. This shows that they have access to their parent’s card. It has been observed that there is a huge ratio of teenagers who shop online. It is for sure that teenagers are more comfortable with technology than adults and they don’t fear while using it. But if your website does not have the right online shopping cart software then it won’t work for them properly and they will show much less patience.

selling to teenagers

Due to this reason, they don’t overcome most of technological obstacles. Instead of finding a way to overcome that problem, they prefer to abandon the process. One another reason is that their searching and reading skills have not yet matured. Due to these factors, probably less than 55 percent of teens successfully complete their tasks.

Key Rules For Selling to Teenagers

Here are some of the important rules that you have to consider if you want to run your online business successfully.

Price: Show it Upfront

When it comes to teenagers then it is critical to show the price of product in a one go. The reason is very simple that they don’t have money that is why they are more conscious towards price. Even more it has been observed that a number of kids go straight to the sale section.

Give Importance to their “Preference”

Considering the fact that teens have a limited budget, you should allow them to sort products by a number of ways. This may include color, size and in fact price. Remember that teens mostly use sorting by price.

Offer Wish List

An effective idea is to offer a wish list to teenagers. They can put the product in wish list that they want to gift someone such as to their parents and friends. They can also save the products in wish list that they want to purchase in future. This would help them to remember the selected product when they will get online again in future.

Avoid Registration

Asking for registration leaves a negative impact especially on teenagers. Teenager’s impatience never allows them to fill out such forms. Therefore, these forms are not encouraged usually. Even more teenagers are often restricted by their parents about not to give out their personal information over the internet.

Checkout Should be Simple &  Easy

One of the important considerations is that your checkout page should be easy as well as simple to fill out. The reason is that mostly teenagers are unaware of such checkouts and giving answers about billing and shipment information. Hence, avoid adding such complexities into your checkout page.

Key Rules on Website Designs for Teenagers

Here are some of the important website design rules that are especially focusing teenagers.

High Interactivity

Interactivity is the major issue among teenagers because they really love to interact with media as well as with people. Interactivity is a fuel that helps to drive the internet into interactive community. Therefore, design your website in a way that will help teenagers to interact with the media more closely and provide them ease as well.

Focus on Social

Many teens have social media accounts nowadays, and they are active on social sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and among others. Make it easy to share your product images by providing social sharing tools on the site. Encourage sharing by writing how cool and unique your products are, whether through the product descriptions or through your blog.

Easy & Digested Offers

It is obvious that teens like to perform some small activities over internet such as polls or funny games. Therefore try to add such offers on your website that would help to keep your customers on your website especially teens for a long.

Good Images & Ads

Images appeal teenagers’ more than simple text on your website when they compare a site having images with a site does not have. Every time they prefer to visit the site containing images.

Efficient Load Time

Mostly teenagers are impatient that is the reason that once they find a site with slow loading time they immediately drive to another one and don’t even try to visit that site again.

Avoid Anything that Sounds Poor

Teenagers don’t want others to call or treat them as kid. They consider themselves among adults. So avoid using anything that would make them feel like a kid. Otherwise, they won’t take time to leave your site. Music is very important to teenagers so never try to use small loops or repetitive music on your website.

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