4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Free Website Builder

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web contentThere are plenty of startup concerns you may have, when you’re first getting your new business going. And when you’re looking at building a website for your company, you’re now faced with a multitude of questions about how to create and setup one up. With so many options out there it can certainly be confusing and some options can very costly.

Some questions you might be asking…

Are the more expensive sites better?

If I hire a web designer with a budget of $1,000, does that mean it will not look as nice as a website with a budget of $10,000?

And then what about website builders that allow you to create free websites on their platform? What’s the catch there?

Generally, you get what you pay for but it is not always the case. Many free website builders can create very nice looking and functional sites and will allow you to use one of their templates to create a free website. Almost sound too good to be true but they usually make their money people paying a monthly fee for using their platform after the site is created. Still, those monthly payments can be as low as $7.95 but then do go up depending on the addition of services needed.

Here are 4 Reasons to Consider Using a Free Website Builder:

1. Price

Well-established designers charge a pretty penny for their services. It’s true they can create stunning sites. No argument there. In an ideal situation, you don’t lift a finger—other than searching for the designer and paying the bill. A web designer with no portfolio of past projects might quote you a low price, but there may be a little risk that you’ll need to be okay with.

Websites by professionals can range anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000. So for a business just starting out, you might be better off with your money spent elsewhere.

2. Control

You might think you would have more control if you get a web designer to do the work for you. But by hiring a designer from the start, you become dependent on them taking care of all future changes or modifications. That means paying for each change or modification that is outside of the original scope of the project. When you use a website builder, you maintain control. Which brings us to the next reason…

3. Eventual Accrued Knowledge

Most website builders have drag-and-drop features in place that allow users with zero coding experience to create their sites. So you don’t need to know any CSS or HTML to create something stunning. But what if you come up against that one thing with no pre-set customization option? Perhaps you want to adjust the background color for the menu bar or the spacing between paragraphs. What do you do if the template doesn’t allow you to control that? Look it up and learn.

Many website builders host forums on their sites that allow users to post their questions and have them answered. As time goes on, you’ll find yourself gaining knowledge as you go. And if you put a little time to learn some of these tricks, you might just surprise yourself with what you can master.

4. Safe Investment

Sometimes you’ll have a situation where a web designer promises more than what he or she can deliver. And you can find yourself stuck with no website which is money down the drain. Or you get the website but you don’t like it, or that looks nothing like what you had envisioned and asked for.

Website builders have dedicated teams of coders that are constantly updating and reviewing their software. It is also nice to see examples of other sites build on their platform as well as looking at the templates they have to offer. You can pretty much see what you’re going to get.

At the end of the day, it’s smart to look at both sides before making your decision. Some sites require specialized features and options that a builder might not be able to handle. But as the website builders continue to evolve, many are adding new features every month. For most sites, they can be excellent choices when starting out. And if you’re not spending your hard-earned cash on a website, you can use that money towards inventory or marketing your business.

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  1. sabree hussin says:

    Well nowadays we can purchase software that can help us build the website. WordPress is also one fine alternative. It is actually very easy to build a stunning website using wordpress system 😀

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