What are Your Marketing Goals this Year?

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marketing goalsDo you associate New Year’s resolutions with giving up the good stuff, chocolate, cake and cookies, staying up late, and having fun. Instead of making resolutions that you won’t keep, this year, make some New Year’s Resolutions for your business you can stick to. How about resolving to get more clients, be more successful and make more money. What are your marketing goals this year?

We all struggle to stick to our New Year’s resolutions; here’s a guide to help you achieve your New Year’s marketing resolutions.

1. Write Down Your Marketing Goals.

Research shows that if you put your goals on paper, you are not only more likely to achieve them, but you’ll be two to ten times as successful as people who don’t make their goals concrete. Be realistic but at the same time, don’t underestimate yourself or your business’s potential.

2. Create a Marketing Plan.

Too many independent professionals and small business owners market by the seat of their pants. If they have a marketing plan, it consists of a loose collection of marketing tactics without any underlying strategy that pulls it all together.

  • Do you have a marketing plan?
  • Is it based on a core set of marketing principles?
  • Can you define these marketing principles?
  • Do you know which marketing strategies are the most cost effective for your business?
  • Is your marketing plan working to build your business year after year?

3. Identify the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Marketing.

Many people feel comfortable sending out mass mailings. but don’t know what to say on the phone or in meetings to close more sales. Make a list of your marketing strategies and your tactics and note which ones are working and which aren’t.

4. Determine What You Are Going To Do Differently.

To get more clients and grow your business faster than you did last year, you will need to do something differently. You may need to learn more about marketing strategies and how to implement them successfully Or you may need to do more of what is already working for you now.

  • What knowledge do you need ?
  • Which marketing resources (books, teleclasses, newsletters, and or coaches) are you going to use?
  • Which new strategies and tactics are you going to test?

5. Set Aside the Time and Resources

To make your marketing more effective, schedule time to work on it regularly, not just when your finished with everything else. Take out your calendar and block out a couple of hours a week or even each day to focus on marketing. List the specific marketing tasks (mailings, calls, writing, etc.) you plan to accomplish. For example, you want to use Pinterest to reach and engage with your market, then learn how to use Pinterest effectively.

This New Year make your marketing resolutions and get what you want – more clients, more success and more money. Be sure to set your marketing goals for this year.


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What are Your Marketing Goals this Year?
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What are Your Marketing Goals this Year?
For this new year, how about resolving to get more clients, be more successful and make more money? Create New Year's marketing resolutions and achieve your marketing goals
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