Creating Brand Loyalty With Postcard Marketing

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When people talk about postcard marketing, they’re usually referring to promotional postcards that are intended to sell something, announce a sale, or draw attention to some other promotion. But a lot of businesses don’t realize that direct-mail postcards are great way send a variety of other kind messages to your customers throughout the year.

For example, you can thank your clients for making a purchase or simply for being a customer. You can wish them “Happy Holidays.” If you know specific birthdays, you can have warm wishes sent right to their mailbox on the big day. These are all examples of postcards that won’t necessarily bring in money directly, but they’ll help building lasting relationships with your customers, which could greatly benefit your business in the long run.

For larger organizations with hundreds or thousands of employees, postcards can also be used send similar messages to your staff. “Thank you for a job well done.” “Congratulations for another successful year.” “Merry Christmas!”

The inexpensive rates for bulk postcards make it a great way to send these kind gestures all year long, without having to spend a ton of money.

If you’re mailing to customer, and you absolutely must include a promotion, just be sure to make it secondary to the primary message. For example, if you’re thanking customers, you can say something like, “Thank you for being a valuable customer. To show our appreciation, we’d like to offer you 50% off your next purchase …”

If you start mixing messages like “You’re great” with “Big sale this weekend” — then the originally intention behind your postcard will be lost (unless your intention was to create a disconnect with your client base.)

When in doubt, just keep your message short and straight to the point. A simple “Thank You” goes a long way.

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Creating Brand Loyalty With Postcard Marketing
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Creating Brand Loyalty With Postcard Marketing
Direct-mail postcards are great way send a variety of other kind messages to your customers throughout the year and help create brand loyalty.
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