12 Free Business Tools to Help the Self-Employed

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12 free business tools for self employed

Entrepreneurship can be a hard path. The self-employed need to grapple with dozens of new tasks in order to simply keep their business afloat. And often, there might not seem to be enough hours in the day or a big enough body of knowledge within your employee pool to successfully all of the tasks that are required.

Thankfully, dozens of websites, have created free business tools to help entrepreneurs as they attempt to turn their dream business into a success. Here are a few business tools to pave your way to a successful venture.

Business Tools on Business Planning

Starting Costs Calculator

Business start-up costs vary based on the type of business, but all businesses need some level of start-up capital. The Starting Cost Calculator allows business owners to tally various potential start-up expenses and monetary assets required in reserve to pay for your business before it becomes self-sustaining.

Business Tools on Finances and Accounting

Financial Literacy Quiz

The financial literacy quiz is designed to test and hone business owner’s knowledge of basic accounting and creating financial statements. The quiz has three levels of questions. At the end of every level, an explanation of the correct answers to questions is given and further resources are suggested. Small business owners who have minimal knowledge of accounting can utilize this tool to hone their ability to manage the financial side of their business.

Salary Calculator

Providing the right salary can be an important aspect of attracting skilled employees. This salary calculator allows business owners to get a sense of the salary and benefits range offered by other businesses in your area. Salary can be drilled down to hourly, weekly, monthly, or yearly salary.

Balance Sheet Calculator

Eventually, you might invest in a more sophisticated accounting software. If you’re not yet at that point, you might benefit from utilizing this balance sheet calculator. Business owners input their assets and liabilities to obtain a current assets and liability calculation, as well as a liquidity ratio.

Free Invoice Creator

Invoices can be a vital aspect of the billing process. This free invoice creator allows you to create a professional invoice and download it directly onto your computer as a PDF. This particular tool grants the business the ability to include their logo, their brand colors, and choose from four different invoice designs.

Self-Employed Calculator

A tool that allows freelancers and other self-employed individuals in the United States calculate how much they will owe in Self-Employed Taxes. (Does not calculate income tax). A solid tool for part-time entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Business Tools on Web Site Management


As a new business owner, chances are you might be responsible for managing to create an SEO (search engine optimized) website. The SEO toolbar can be a useful tool that allows you to get a quick sense of your websites basic link metrics, on-page elements, and social shares.

Content Idea Generator

This content idea generator serves the dual purpose of generating potential article ideas and training you on how to create click bait article titles. While the generator only provides one article idea every time you utilize it, the tool splits the title into four section and provides an explanation of specifically suggested word use like “appeal directly to your readers” and “using numbers will bring you more readers.”

Blog Topic Generator

If you need content ideas fast and don’t want commentary on the topic, this blog topic generator is the tool for you. Users put in up to three nouns and the generator provides five potential topics. The only downside of this generator is that the algorithm is not designed to mesh the various nouns into an epic blog title. If you wanted potential ideas that talked about cats and business, the algorithm would not be capable of generating them.


Unsplash is a high-quality stock photo site that is free to use without attribution. This can be a safe, cost-free way to spice up your blog without worrying about inadvertently breaking image copyright law.

Business Tools on Marketing


This is a Gmail add-on that when enabled provides profile information pulled from the individuals LinkedIn page directly in Gmail. This can provide information like their name, social media profiles, and job titles that can help you craft more targeted marketing outreach.


Buffer is a freemium social media dashboard that allows you to preschedule up to ten social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, and Pinterest. It also provides an optimal timing tool and link shortening. Link shortening, in particular, can be useful on platforms that limit character count.

Pay Per Click ROI Calculator

Pay per click advertising can be a valuable means of bringing in new customers, but the service does not always provide enough of a return on investment (ROI) to make the service a good financial decision. The ROI calculator allows business owners to weigh clicks purchased and cost per click against conversion rate and average buyer purchase to help business owners decide if they should continue with a pay per click campaign.

Many new entrepreneurs are in the unenviable position of needing a lot of help, but lacking the funds to purchase high-tech software or web programs to help them manage various aspects of their business. Thankfully, many websites, have created free interactive tools, calculators, and basic versions of their programs to help small business owners succeed.


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