5 Biggest Mistakes in MLM

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After studying, and working with over 1,300 network marketers, I discovered 5 common obstacles, roadblocks, and mistakes that are preventing them from really making it BIG, achieving their goals, and having ultimate financial freedom in their MLM business.

If you are not making at least 6-7 figures a year in your network marketing business right now, then you’re probably making some of these dangerous mistakes.

MLM mistakes

MLM Mistake # 1: Following The Herd

If you want to make a lot of money in network marketing, the last thing you want to do, is to follow what everyone else is doing… Or do the ‘Standard and Normal’ thing that everybody does.


That’s what most network marketers do, and look at where they are right now. Over 70% of them quit within the first 6 months. Then, the rest of them don’t make a dime for years. Why? Because they are under the illusion that by doing what everybody else is doing, they’ll succeed. They won’t.

It’s been proven that the majority, most of the time, is WRONG. That’s why over 90% of Americans have debt, and less than 5-10% have financial freedom. … And less than 1% are millionaires.

So if you want to be successful, find out what the majority of the people are doing, and do exactly the opposite. You’ll have a high chance of succeeding, plus you’ll stand out from the crowd.

MLM Mistake # 2: No Consistent Source of Traffic and Leads

You probably know by now, that you need traffic and leads to make money online. But do you have a consistent source of traffic and leads going to your website every single day? If not, then you have to work on that right away. All of the top performers I’ve met generate traffic and leads to their sites every single day, on auto pilot. Consistently, and without fail. If you’re just starting out,

I’d recommend having at least 3 sources of traffic and leads. There’s a lot of ways to get generate traffic and leads. You can do video marketing, article marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing, twitter marketing, and even paid advertising.

So here’s the strategy you might want to try:

  1. Learn a method for getting traffic
  2. Try it out until you see results
  3. When you get results, see how you can increase your efforts so you can increase your results.
  4. Automate it. So that you’ll get predictable results day in and day out with less work on your part.
  5. Repeat the process.

MLM Mistake # 3: Forgetting To Follow Up

80% of prospects don’t make a purchase until after the 7th contact with a company. But most network marketers don’t follow up more than 3 times, if that. They give up after the first sign of resistance from a prospect, and view it as a lost cause.

Then they move on to the next prospect on their list. This is a very expensive mistake. Most top earners follow up with their prospects religiously. They have autoresponder systems that are programmed to follow up with prospects for months.

And that’s why they get the sale. Because they are right there when the prospect is READY to BUY. Most prospects won’t be ready to buy right away. Only a small percentage, 2%, will. If you patiently follow up with them, they will eventually buy from you, and not your competitor.

Remember, by simply following up consistently with prospects and customers, you’ll be able to double (and more) your sales.

MLM Mistake # 4: Using A Replicated or Template Website

This is my favorite mistake to point out, just because everyone seems to be OBLIVIOUS to it. When you use a template and replicated website, you are doing what the MAJORITY of network marketers are doing… And you’ll get the results that the majority are getting.

You don’t want that now, do you? Alright, why don’t you try putting yourself in your prospect’s shoes for a minute. Imagine looking for a network marketing opportunity, and finding 10,20,30 sites that look EXACTLY the same.

How are you going to choose? Probably randomly. Just because everything is similar. So when you have a replicated website, you leave your success to chance. You leave it to a slight probability that your prospects might just magically stumble and choose your site out of the hundreds of similar sites like yours.

If you’re using a replicated website, you have to STOP IT right now. You have to stop fitting in, and start standing out. You need to get your own website, with your own original and custom design. It’s the only way to make yourself stand out from the crowd, grab the attention of you prospects, and have them choose you over your competition.

MLM Mistake # 5: Not Having A Proven Strategy

This is the biggest mistake of all. This is the mistake that keeps most network marketers from EVER having the kind of financial success they truly want. If you want to guarantee you financial independence, then you need to follow a proven strategy for getting the kind of results you’ve always wanted.

Having a strategy increases the chances of success dramatically, and turns you dream from plan to reality. Over the years, I’ve discovered a proven strategy for generating a large amount of residual income:

Here’s a proven strategy that most top earners use to generate large amounts of residual income:

  • Choose a network marketing opportunity that pays well. Of course, the higher the commission payout, the better.
  • Get a custom website design, and blog that’s created by professional designers. Make sure that it’s designed to brand YOU, and make you stand out from everyone else.
  • Start generating traffic to your site. Your goal is to get a 100 daily visitors to your site, then 200, 300, 500, 1,000 and on.
  • Work on a ‘ 90 Day Prospect Follow-Up Plan’ so that your prospects hear from you at least twice a week for 90 days.
  • If you avoid these 5 mistakes, I’m very confident that success with your MLM business will come easier, and faster, and with less effort on your part.

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