Staircase or Elevator: How to Ensure the Longevity of Your Business

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longevity of your businessWe all want to be successful in our own business. This goes without say. Two-thirds give up B4 they really get started. Four-fifths do this inside a year and more than nine in ten will do so within five years. Sad statistic but true!!!

Many don’t seem to have a long term picture in their mind or the plan to support it. We all would like to take as many shortcuts as possible. After all it is shortcuts that will make our job easier, right? Wrong!!! Many apparent shortcuts can leave you empty and without success.

Today’s article focuses on the long term power of taking the extra step with your business avoiding as many so called shortcuts as possible to ensure the longevity of your business. Relate the following example to your business. Make parallels, write them down immediately and begin on a plan of action to remedy areas where you’re lacking and steer yourself more firmly in the direction you would optimally like to be heading.

ONE: Climbing the stairs will provide you with a challenge.

You must maintain responsibility for the trip. You are indeed in control. If you take the elevator then you have given control up to a cable by way of pressing a button. Naturally things out of your control can malfunction. If so everything is out of your hands and you are at the mercy of someone (or something) else.

Point: Look at your long term goals. Don’t lose sight or control of them. Break them down into “sub-goals” or “baby- steps”. Take control of your situation. Be the master of your works not a slave to them. After all you are skipper of your own ship.

TWO: The staircase is much more personal.

When you pass people on the stairs you will generally give a nod or say hello. Have you noticed truck drivers or bus drivers traveling inter-city? They will always wave, toot the horn or yell out to one another. There is a camaraderie between them.

When you jump into the elevator you will more than likely press the button and turn around to face the door (or the back of the person in front of you who’s actually staring at the door). They won’t say a word to one another unless someone is already known. It’s very impersonal.

Point: Personalize your dealings with your target audience.

Speak “with” your audience not “at” them. This will work wonders – build your relationship up from the beginning.

THREE: The stairs provide you with exercise.

This is a chance to get your heartbeat up a few notches. This will get your blood circulating around your body a little easier. In this modern day society of convenience it is all to easy to take the easiest option each time.

Point: You’ll be amazed at how much more energy you get for your day after you’ve given your body the daily tender loving care it needs. Come up for air and don’t forget that your body is important to you; you only ever get one, no refunds!!

FOUR: Alertness and desire are stimulated by such activities.

Naturally if you climb the stairs only because you believe you should (fitness, weight etc) as opposed to doing it because you want to then you’ll just end up hating it and your desire won’t be stimulated in the slightest.

Most times I’ve been in a lift has been a quiet affair where I sense people don’t feel comfortable and are really dying to get out the door as quickly as possible. It’s almost stressful for some. This can’t be healthy.

Point: Your most important goals and aspirations need food to savor their hunger each and every day. It is paramount to keep awake and alert for new ideas and concepts to help you along. Train your mind to do this and watch the potential of your sub-conscious explode.

FIVE: The elevator is quick, convenient, effortless and excellent if you are indeed in a hurry – this is true!

In the short term the convenience of the above attributes is unquestionable but in the long run we should be seeking new challenges to bring us closer to our goal not just taking short cuts because we can.

Point: Don’t get lazy – it’ll become a habit!!!

SIX: There’s a feeling of achievement when you’ve actually done something positive.

The lift is a means to an end – a simple convenience. Nothing more! If elevator rides were a side-show at the local fair or circus the proprietor would be broke overnight.

Point: Reward yourself, give yourself a pat on the back when you have accomplished a target. Don’t dismiss it immediately and think of what you haven’t done – that’s negative and counter productive. Look back that you have done something constructive. Arm your arsenal with a good dose of positive thinking and reap the long term benefits from it.

SEVEN: Further to point one – the staircase can be viewed as a “goal step-ladder” – each step can be treated as a “sub-goal”.

To achieve the big step (desired result) one needs to successfully reach milestones along the way. This builds confidence and strengthens character.

Sergi Bubka – the world pole vault champion had jumped heights that no one else had managed to achieve. He was very good, well most world champions are! During competition at the most recent Olympic Games in Atlanta, 1996 he didn’t bother with the first few jumps as he had been in good form and could do it with his eyes shut running backwards against a hurricane. No problem, well so he thought…

After most of the competitors had been eliminated he thought he would have his first jump. Sergi had what can only be described as a “bad day” – he failed all three attempts and was eliminated without a successful jump to his name. Who knows if it was nerves or what that got to him in the end. On paper he was one of the least successful competitors.

Point: Take one step at a time. Progress to your goal, don’t jump to it prematurely.

EIGHT: If you make a mistake on the staircase you’ll only fall one or two notches.

If you fall in the elevator the repercussions could be a lot more costly.

Point: Take the extra step to ensure the longevity of your enterprise through diversity and intelligent marketing.


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