How to Effectively Use Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization Together

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Gain the most out of your online marketing efforts by using search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) together. Using these two strategies together, you can increase your business’ visibility and attract more traffic to your company’s website.

Distinguishing the differences and similarities between SEO and SMO is imperative for a successful publicity mix. SEO and SMO are meant to bring your business to the top of search engine result pages (SERPs) and the forefront of online conversations. To achieve this, several elements should work in conjunction with one another to maximize results.

Quality Content

To attract qualified prospects, it is critical that your marketing strategy deliver top-notch, relevant content. Everything starts with quality content.

Google and the other search engines are looking for original and quality content that users find to be valuable. Gone are the days when you can copy other people’s articles or use article spinners to put together words into barely-comprehensible articles. Google will deem your site to be of low-quality, triggering penalties and putting your site into oblivion in the search results.

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Social media users are always on the lookout for useful, funny, irreverent, highly informational content that they can share to their friends and contacts. For your content to go viral on social media, it is a must to deliver content that your target audiences will love.


According to a recent Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey, 90% of respondents from over 50 countries trust the online endorsements of their peers. Online recommendations can be a Facebook update with a link to your company’s website, an e-mail linking to a product description found on your website or a tweet mentioning your business’ superior customer service. Link-building fosters the creation of inbound links to your company’s website through third-party individuals. Write informative case studies and you will find people tweeting links to the study. Post interesting photographs on your website or Flickr account, and visitors may share your projects on their Facebook profiles.

With SMO, inbound links are a result of successful content and they benefit SEO. Consider implementing social features on your company’s website. Adding a “share” button to your web pages allows for users to share directly from your website. Search engines also use comments, bookmarks, votes and reviews to determine relevancy.

On Page Elements

Social media efforts dictate that content be easy to read and easy to redistribute. Search engine optimization focuses on how easily your content is read by search engines. Attract search engines by finding the right balance of keyword density without compromising the quality of your copy. The industry average for keyword density is between 2-3%. Keywords are not exclusive to web copy. Photos, videos and other similar elements can be tagged with key words. For an example of an optimized page, see the below image:

on-page optimization


With any marketing effort, it is important to monitor progress and results. SEO and SMO are ongoing tactics and should be evaluated regularly. Continually research key terms and phrases to include in your online communications.

For SEO, think like a prospect. What search terms do potential customers use to research products or services in your industry? Conduct regular searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing to monitor your business’ listing to adjust your tactics. SEO lends itself to more traditional analysis and measurement, such as overall site traffic.

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Social media is both qualitative and quantitative. Monitor the tonality of blog posts, comments and conversations about your business. Review the number of online conversations about your organization, the people that your business engages online, the amount of company content posted and the number of traffic generating links to your content.

Increase leads by harnessing the combined power of SMO and SEO to rocket your company’s social profiles and website to the top of organic searches.

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How to Effectively Use Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization Together
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How to Effectively Use Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization Together
Gain the most out of your online marketing efforts by using search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) together.
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