How to Create Content Designed to Increase Traffic and Engagement

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I’m going to let you in on a very dirty secret. There is one question that is being dodged by experts in EVERY market. Answer that question, write content around it and you’ll corner the market, increase traffic, be worshiped forever and get more customers and sales.

If it was that easy, why aren’t other experts answering these questions?

It’s because they fear an informed audience. That’s outright silly! But, we’re not going to tell them that. While your competitors run scared, you’ll be getting more sales since you’re going to follow the steps I outline in the article below. You will write content that will educate your targeted audiences, get more website traffic, teach people how to buy from you and increase your sales.

Now, are you ready?

Step 1: Find the questions that are being dodged by other experts in your industry.

I can’t tell you what these questions are. It will vary from industry to industry. So, how do you find these golden questions to answer?

  • Go to Yahoo Answers and type in your keyword. Examine the questions carefully and see which ones keep popping up. If people are asking the same questions, that means that people have the same questions. There’s a need that’s NOT being fulfilled.
  • Go to and other question-and-answer sites to see what people are asking in your market segment
  • Go to your Google Analytics and pull out all the keywords that ask a question (e.g. those that start with “who”, “when”, “why”, “how”, and others). If you have content that directly answers the questions, that’s great! If you have no direct answers to those questions, write content now designed to answer those questions. If you have content that marginally answers those questions, either recraft the article (or just the title tags) to answer the question, or write another article that will answer the question.
  • Go to forums and watch what your audience is discussing
  • Survey your clients, customers and list of prospects

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Step 2: Answer the questions in as many formats as possible

For each question create a blog post. Do NOT date these blog posts – you will see why later on. Once you create your blog post, expand it into an article. Then, turn your article into a video, special report, podcast and audio interview. You should also create online press releases.

Step 3: Answer the Questions in As Many Places As Possible

  • You should submit your blog posts to as many RSS feeds as possible
  • You should bookmark your blog posts using Digg, Technorati and
  • You should submit your articles to the top websites and blogs that accept article submissions and guest posts.  Important caveat: do not submit the same exact article you have on your site. Rather, write a modified version (perhaps an abbreviated version) of your content. You don’t want your site to suffer from duplicate content issues.
  • You should submit your videos to YouTube. You may even want to think about investing in video submission service to help syndicate your videos.
  • You should post links to your blog, articles and videos on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social media.
  • You can create graphics — whether just the title of the post or a full-blown infographic — and then put it on Pinterest, Instagram and other image-oriented social sharing sites.
  • You should post your articles on social publishing websites sites like Scribd
  • You should create Powerpoint versions of your article, and post it on Slideshare, Authorstream and other Powerpoint sharing sites
  • You should submit your press releases through PR Web. Find a service and see which one matches your needs.
  • Videos teaching people how to buy from you or how to use your product should be on your website.
  • When people opt-in for your special reports, ebooks or other free offering, you should have an auto-responder series that gets people to go back to your blog or website. If you have lots of blog postings that answers your prospects’ top questions – all you have to do is create a summary for each blog posting and send people back to your blog every day. This way each blog posting will get the visibility it deserves. And, by not showing the date, these postings become evergreen.

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Follow these steps and you will increase website traffic and get more sales, because you’ll be educating your prospects, answering their questions and teaching them how to buy from you.

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How to Create Content Designed to Increase Traffic and Engagement
Use this strategy to create content that will help increase website traffic and get more sales, because you’ll be educating your prospects, answering their questions and teaching them how to buy from you.
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