How to Create an Ebook of Your Own

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No question about it, e-books are hot.

Now, more than ever before we see people selling e-books online. From mom n’ pop start-up ventures to master marketers, you’re bound to come across a web site hawking one of these new-age digital products on your quest for cyber-success.


While some still insist upon the seemingly-stone-age paper back, others are already taking advantage of the many benefits of an electronic book.

With e-books touting instant delivery, zero production costs, zero shipping costs, and complete automation, who could ignore the time and money saving benefits?

The fact is, people will pay for your how-to information no matter what form its in. This is reassuring news for the modern day netrepreneur who dreams (literally) of waking up to an inbox full of orders. E-books may be for you.

So, just what does it take to create and profit from one of these not-so-new-anymore electronic thingy-ma-jigs? Glad you asked…

Well, the obvious things are some software to write it with (which you may already have), the time to sit down and begin creating it (can be done in 10 hours), and some effort on your part (c’mon, you know you can do it).

Once you have some time and a word processor program, which 99.9% of you have, you’re ready. (oh please, I don’t want to hear that “I’m the other .1%” stuff, you’ve got the time.)

Brainstorm What to Write

A good place to begin is to brainstorm about what you know. Type in everything you know how-to-do. Stick to main topics here, worry about the nitty-gritty later.

Any technique, process, or secret way you know of doing something that can help someone else out there in cyber-space is good. That translates to “money in your pocket” in business opportuniguese (my native language).

Choose a Topic for your Ebook

Next, choose your most-mastered topic (probably one near the top of your list) and make that the heading of an outline.

Think of everything you know and write it down. Think of everything a reader would want to know about the topic and write it down, even if you don’t know it yet.

Wring your brain out. Squeeze it dry of ideas. Wait a few hours and rack it again. Repeat the process tomorrow.

After you have a nice, long list of sub-topics to elaborate on (and a brain that’s turned to mush), you’re ready begin the last phase of creating your electro-masterpiece.

Write about it

Run through your outline and pick a sub-topic. It doesn’t even have to be at the top. Start with what is most comfortable for you.

Try writing a page or two every day on each sub-topic. This will get you in good shape, like running. Before you know it, you’ll be cranking out pages like a paper press – and ready to write a marathon!

(Don’t try running a marathon, us desk-chair ridden netrepreneurs can’t handle that sort of thing!)

It really isn’t that hard to create an e-book of your own to sell. A lot of people stick with an affiliate program because they think its just too much of a task to create a product. Don’t let this thinking limit you. You can do it.
Especially if you learn to make writing fun.

Many people give an e-book away free to visitors of their site. Free e-books can be fabulous lead generators and also build credibility with prospects.

As you can see, almost everyone out there can benefit from creating an e-book of their own to sell or even give away.

So what the heck are you waiting for? Take my advice and get started today.

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