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Starting a Barbecue Rib Joint Business 

Q. What are some good web sites to find out information on starting a rib joint - Viola

Advice by Nach Maravilla

A. Dear Viola,

Speaking of a barbecue rib joint, it should be under the classification of restaurant, or fast food businesses. If you need information on starting the 'joint" you will be better off getting information on starting a restaurant. Definitely, both will have the same requirements as far as health, safety and other restrictions are concerned. In addition to the usual requirements in registering a business restaurants have many other health and safety factors to be followed. To get specific information about your project, you may visit the City Hall nearest you and ask for the checklist of items that are required to establish the "joint"

You can check out Rib Joint Restaurants listed in the search engines like  specifically at  where you can browse many websites presenting their "mouth watering" bbq ribs.

To start one, however, we just go back to the basics. As in any other business, start with your business plan and work from there. Our article, Starting a Food Business  could be of help.

You may also check out this books -

About the Guide: 

Nach Maravilla is the Publisher of Power Homebiz Guides. He has over thirty years experience in sales and marketing of various products, which covered as he jokingly describes, "from toothpicks to airplanes"  He also had extensive experience in International trading and he always excelled in special promotional ideas for  retail outlets. 

The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author, not of Users should not treat the Guide's response as legal, accounting, or professional advice as all answers are intended to be general in nature. Such advice can only be properly given by qualified professionals who are fully aware of a user's specific geographical areas or circumstances, such as an attorney or accountant.