Christmas Lighting: A Growing Niche for the Landscape and Lawn Care Business

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The Christmas lighting business is a natural extension for landscape and lawn care businesses. In fact, it has become one of the fastest growing segments of the landscape and lawn care businesses. This is especially true for landscape companies that already offer outdoor lighting services to showcase the landscape well after sunset.

Christmas lighting business

For landscape companies, sales start to fall as temperatures drop. By offering lighting services when the cooler temperatures start to kick in, they are able to find a niche that allows them to profitably tide over the typically slow winter season. They offer their landscaping services during the warmer months, and then shift gears to Christmas lighting design and installation during the fall and winter season.

Most landscape companies’ experience a smooth transition to the Christmas lighting business in the cold season. Customers who come to them to keep their lawns and properties beautiful and well-maintained in the warmer months are highly likely to want to keep that same property looking gorgeous in the holiday season. In the same vein, customers who first come for holiday lighting may sign up for landscaping services during the warmer season.

Holiday Lighting Services Offered

Holiday lighting and decorating services cover both residential and commercial areas. Customers could include houses in residential communities. Commercial customers could include buildings of fast food restaurants and retail stores, facades and lobbies of hotels and bed and breakfast inns, strip malls, parks, among others.

The services provided often include:

  • Lighting design and consultation
  • Lighting products, equipment and accessories
  • Maintenance
  • Take down
  • Storage

When offering holiday lighting services, your business will provide the lighting equipment or products. However, there may be instances when the client wants to use their own equipment or decorations in addition to what you will provide for them.

Many people dislike the process of untangling wires and lights, so taking down the decorations should be a key component of your service. Set an end date with the customer when the lights will be taken down. Then wrap and safely package the lights for storage until the following year. You can offer to store the lights for your customers.

Also consider including in your package bulb replacements, fixture relocation and adjustment, as well as lighting additions or updates.

Tips on Starting a Christmas Lighting Service

To transition your landscape and lawn care business into a Christmas lighting service provider, here are tips to consider.

1. Obtain Expertise and Knowledge in Handling Lights

The key is ensuring a smooth transition is to learn the best practices in handling electricity and installing lights. Workers proficient with trimming hedges and landscape enhancement installations during summer need to be trained and educated about balancing electrical circuits and working with live voltage wiring. It is important to have electricians on board to ensure that your business can successfully start and grow in this segment.

2. Balance Aesthetics and Safety

Holiday lighting is just not about the aesthetics and design. Safety is an essential element of the Christmas lighting service business. It is critical to educate and train workers on how to work with light decorations: after all, you don’t want the lights to short circuit and burn customers’ houses. The landscape business must also have the right equipment to install the lights, including ladders, harnesses for work on roof lines and safety gears.

3. Find Reputable Suppliers

You need to start finding reputable and quality suppliers of all lights and electrical accessories you will need for your Christmas light installation projects. Christmas lights and decors that may be used including large bulbs, energy-friendly LED lights, various types of mini lights, wreaths, icicle lights, garlands, even light sculptures and animated displays. You will also need commercial grade electrical components, outdoor extension cords, as well as property-friendly clips fasteners to ensure that the property is not damaged. Develop solid strategic partnerships with these suppliers.

4. Market early to existing clients.

Your existing customers are your likely customers for holiday lighting service. Be sure to inform your existing customers that your business also provides holiday lighting installations and design. Include this service in your brochures, websites and other marketing assets. Compile photos of some of your best work, and with your client’s permission, post them on your website as well as social media pages such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

Before the fall season starts, send an email or postcard to your landscape and lawn care clients, reminding them about your Christmas lighting service. Offer discounts to those who sign up early in the season. You can also offer even bigger discounts to clients in high visibility locations.

5. Listen to customers

just like your landscaping and lawn care business, success in a Christmas lights business depends on how well you listen to your customers — what they prefer, what’s important to them, and how they expect the end product to look like. Remember, residential clients typically want a design unique to the property, while commercial clients want a welcoming and festive atmosphere for the customers that walk into their shops’ doors.
Meet with clients to determine what will best suit their lighting design needs. Some customers may want to be the brightest house on the block, while others may want to be the most buzzed-upon house in the community. Listen to the ideas of the customer, then offer advice on how to best accomplish the design ideas within the budget of the project.



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