How to Make Money with Expired Domains

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When I first got involved in the domain name speculation business, I was so excited. As a mortgage broker and conventional real estate investor, I got the chance to put my understanding of time value and appreciation into practice. Then I had a reality check. How am I going to find investment grade domain names that I can buy and sell relatively quickly … without any headache or frustration. I remember in January of 1998 becoming so frustrated spending four to five hours a day after work, typing in great sounding .com names only to find a good one — ONCE per week!

Within a few months, I owned a few domain names that were slowly appreciating in value that I could easily sell for $500 – $1,000! But I was looking for immediate cash flow. Then one early morning in October of 1999 before going to work, I found it! I tapped into the “motherload”!!

The “motherload” that I am referring to is a computer programmer who designed a system to search for “expired” domain names. Every week, thousands of people have their precious domain names repossessed because of non-payment of their registration fee! When this happens, the domain name returns to the pool of domain names available to the public. Anyone…and I repeat…anyone can then register that name and claim it for themselves!

I have never seen a more powerful way to make money on the Internet with minimal investment than with “expired” and “unclaimed” domain names.

It is relatively easy to make $5,000 – $10,000 per month in the domain speculation business…if you know how.

Domain names are like “real estate”. Internet real estate! You have seen the articles in the newspaper “ is sold by a Houston entrepreneur for $7.5 Million!”. “ fetches $1 Million!” These kinds of deals happen on the Internet every day of the year. The average sale is approximately $500 to $1000! The really good domain names sell for $50,000 or higher.

Every week, this computer programmer compiles a list of domain names that expire the previous week and are now available. You know that the right domain name can make or break a site. Webmasters will pay you handsomely for the rights to a domain name. Image is everything on the Net…and with the right domain name, you can instantly generate huge profits!

If you visit domain auctions sites such as or even right now, you will see hundreds of domain names of sale: some valuable, and some not so valuable! Every day, thousands of people are looking for good domain names, so you’ve got an established market! Just waiting for you to present your bids!

Here are some of the recent bids on Sedo:

  • = $10 million
  • = EUR 5 million
  • = $6.5 million
  • = $3.5 million
  • = $90,000

Register as a merchant on Sedo, or any other high traffic auction website, and let the whole world know about the “expired” domain names you have for immediate sale. If you have a really valuable domain name, you will immediately…yes, immediately, receive bids on your domain names. It will be like opening the “floodgate”, and you will be ready to profit! You have heard the saying, “Chance favors the prepared mind!” Well, with a valuable domain name and the right marketing strategy, you are going to profit immensely in this lucrative business!

When I sold for $5000 in June of 1999, the buyer paid the registration dues willingly without hesitation! They were so happy to get the domain name for their direct marketing company. They were overflowing with joy when I agreed to the sale! The only thing left for the buyer to do after the sale is to make the necessary web site hosting arrangements which he can do with any reliable hosting company that he or she chooses.

Please don’t make this business more complicated than it is. To become a domain name investor is easy!!! You can usually sell an investment grade name within the first 90 days. (QuickStart Tip of the Day: In the beginning as an investor, stick to .com names! They will typically sell much faster than .net or .org names.)

Domain name investing is a very lucrative business. I remember my joy when I received my first $5,000 check! I am now working on the sale of a few other domain names in my possession. There is absolutely no downside to this business. You can make as much money as you want. In many cases, you will not have to meet or talk to the buyer!

I am by no means an expert domain name investor, but after almost five years as an internet consultant, I know a good thing when I see it. Rest assured that even if 5,000 investors jumped on the domain name investing bandwagon tomorrow, you will still have a chance to make $5,000 – $10,000 per month in this business! Remember, there are millions of domain names in the registry particularly with new domain types (.biz, .services, even .plumbing) … and thousands expire every week! New ones are being registered every day…so there is no end to this incredible business opportunity. Just set your price and wait. Like they say, “Value is in the eye of the beholder” (or something like that).

Use the Internet and you will quickly find buyers! With a few good domain names, you will have buyers “beating a path” to your door. You can just sit back and name your price! There is really no limited to the amount of money you can make in this business! Knowledge is power!



How to Make Money with Expired Domains
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How to Make Money with Expired Domains
Tap a powerful way to earn money from the Internet by registering "unclaimed" and expired domain names.
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