Business Ideas to Make Money during Christmas and the Holidays

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Christmas and the Holidays

The holidays are here! It’s time to shop and be merry. But do you have the cash to join in the season’s merrymaking? If you are looking to make money during Christmas and the holidays, here are some some business ideas that you can do on a part-time basis:

1. Bake holiday goods, pastries and sweets.

If you love baking or have the talent to create fancy confections, you can make money by selling baked goods and sweets during the holiday season. You can bake cupcakes and muffins, cookies, pumpkin or other pies, brownies, breads, candies and many more. You can then sell them to your neighbors, friends and co-workers. If you have the knack for it, you can take it a step further and package the goodies as a food gift basket. Read the article How to Start a Home-Based Baked Goods Business.

2. House Sitting.

For many people, the holidays are a time to travel to see families and friends, or go on vacation. This creates a demand for professional and responsible house sitters. Start with families, friends, neighbors and acquaintances – offering your service to watch over their homes while they are away. You can earn extra cash by helpings homeowners feel at ease that someone is taking care of their homes while they are away. You may also be asked to take care of pets and plants.

3. Offer Christmas-themed photography.

If you are a photographer or have the talent in taking portraitures, consider earning money from taking photos during Christmas. The holiday season is a popular time for taking family photos. Many families use these photos for their greeting cards. calendars, or just a keepsake for their families. Read the article Starting a Home-Based Photography Business.

4. Prepare health food products.

For the health-conscious and people with dietary restrictions, you can prepare healthy food alternatives for them to enjoy. Some of these food products may include health cookies, vegan pies, gluten-free breads, and other healthy food products. You can even take this a step further and offer organic and all-natural healthy gift baskets complete with eco-friendly packaging.

5. Offer a clean-up service.

The holidays are all about parties. But cleanup is always a pain — more so if copious amount of alcohol is involved. You can earn extra dollars by reporting to the house after a party and cleaning up the place. It is best, however, to be bonded for this type of service to protect yourself from claims of breakage or theft.

6. Make your specialty arts and crafts to sell.

During this gift-giving time, a lot of people are on the lookout for unique and special gifts, without the hefty price tag. If you are skilled in craft making, you can sell reasonably priced gift items such as fancy jewelry, specially-designed shirts and unique keepsakes. You can sell these in Christmas bazaars, online auction sites such as or, post them on Facebook or Tumblr or Instagram, or sell them to your co-workers and friends. Read the article How to Start a Craft Business.

7. Offer a gift-buying service.

If you live in an area full or rich or busy people, you can earn money by becoming a personal shopper. You will select the perfect Christmas present for anyone on your customer’s list, beautifully wrap the gift and deliver it to the customer. You take the hassle out of Christmas shopping for the customer, sparing them from the chaos of going to the mall to shop or from wracking their brains thinking of what gift to give their 12-year old niece. The customer then gets to give the gifts that elicit the oohhs-and-ahhhs from the recipients.

8. Provide holiday decorating services for homes and offices.

If you are an interior decorator or have the knack for decorating, you can earn extra income by preparing homes and even offices ready for the holidays. You will do the custom design, installation, service and maintenance, as well as take-down of the decorations. You can decorate the Christmas trees, install garlands around doorways and banisters, and preen the mantel for the holidays.

9. Have a Christmas Open house at your home.

If you have a sizeable property, you can earn extra money by holding a Christmas Arts and Crafts where you feature local vendors, crafters and artists to display their work, and sell handmade and other specialty items, baked goods and local foods. In addition, you can invite local florists or craftsmen to conduct fresh floral holiday arrangements class or wreath making class, where participants are charged attendance fees. You can then earn on a commission basis.

10. Sell holiday-themed gift baskets.

You can pack and sell gift baskets for the holidays that are perfect for either corporate or individual gift giving. If you are adept in cooking, you can feature your own food products in the gift baskets. But if you don’t have the time or the knowledge in making exceptional-tasting goodies, you can simply buy products from your favorite groceries, farmers, wholesalers and other suppliers — and arrange them in eye-catching holiday-decorated baskets. Some of the holiday gift baskets you can offer include chocolates and candies, fruit Christmas baskets, wine and cheese, coffee and tea, spices, and many more. You can then sell your gift baskets to your co-workers, neighbors and friends. If you have a thousand or more friends on Facebook and Instagram, post your gift baskets in your social media pages and encourage your contacts to buy from you. Read the article Starting a Gift Basket Business.

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