20 Tips for Balancing Family and Working at Home

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As work at home parents, our biggest challenge is finding the right balance between work and our families. Juggling the demands of our home-based businesses and raising our kids is tough, and many are finding it hard to juggle these two competing priorities.

As a home business entrepreneur, your work place is but a few steps away from the family space. Learn how you, a homebiz parent, can cope with the challenges of working a stone throw away from your kids and spouses.

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Here are some strategies on how to juggle your home-based business and raising kids at the same time:

  1. Keep the right perspective and understand that relationships are the most valuable aspect of life.
  2. Develop a business mindset and treat your work with value and respect.
  3. Make your kids understand the importance of your business, and how it contributes to your family.
  4. Get your family’s commitment and discuss why you started working from home.
  5. Set a schedule for your work, and try to keep regular working hours for your business.
  6. Set a schedule for your family, dedicating time exclusively for interacting and playing with your kids.
  7. Given that set schedules do not often work, be flexible with your business schedules and family time.
  8. Set what you want to accomplish during the day, as the faster you can do your work, the more quality time you can spend with your kids.
  9. Consider the needs of your kids, as there may be times your kids really do need you — even if you’re still in your “work hours.”
  10. Consider scheduling work on a staggered basis, allowing you to take a break more frequently, and spend that time with your kids.
  11. Discuss how to handle vacations, as sticking to a work schedule can be difficult when the kids are at home.
  12. Wake up early and try to start working before the kids start to wake up.
  13. If walking up early is not an option for you, then be prepared to work late.
  14. Stick to an early bedtime schedule for the kids so you can have more time to do work in the evenings.
  15. Decide on a family routine that will work with the whole family — and stick with it.
  16. Set up a dedicated home office in your home to help set clear boundaries between your family and your business.
  17. If you need to work but don’t have anyone who can watch the kids, share your home office with your kids where they can play, color and paint.
  18. If possible, get a babysitter or a nanny can give you time to work on your business, while making sure that a responsible adult is watching over your children.
  19. If you cannot get childcare for your kids, organize a little play date group with your friends and other parents in the school of your kids.
  20. Keep your weekend free for your family and find a fun activity.

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