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Recently I was asked to give a consultation to a small business owner on her bookstore. As I have studied and applied the various aspects of Feng Shui, (the art of placement for health, wealth and success) into my work space, I have come to see amazing results.

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The owner of the bookstore had asked for my input and intuitive impressions of her store. Just as our appearance gives clues about who we are — so does our workplace, or workspace. As I walked into the store, my first impression was one of clutter, suggesting chaos. As I spoke to the owner, she in fact did express the fact that she was going through many phases of change in the business. She had asked for my input as she was not sure of the direction she wanted to follow. In the store, along with displays of books, there were glass cases of jewelry and gift items.

In one corner there was a seating arrangement, consisting of old, cast off furniture. She had attempted to create a place where people could sit, chat and exchange information. I suggested possibly investing in fabric to recover the furniture, and also creating an island of peace in the sitting area. The owner herself look a little disheveled, and while the location of the store is in a “laid back” mountain town, it is after all still a business environment.

As such it is important to create a pleasing atmosphere. The building itself was old, and areas in the shop needed a facelift, a paint job. While the owner welcomed the suggestions that I gave her, at the same time I could sense her displeasure at my critique: and seemed to take my comments personally.

She had read a few books on Feng Shui and tried to apply the principles in her business. In one corner of a counter, facing the cash register she had placed a small mirror, as she believed that this mirror would reflect success and prosperity. As I stood facing the counter, the mirror actually reflected the paper work and supplies that were under the counter, thereby bringing into focus a messy area. I gave her suggestions as to how to change that area.

As I left her store, I went inward, feeling, sensing her environment, as if the walls could speak. And they do! The walls were telling me that they were tired, feeling old, drained, and not open to the prosperity the owner hoped for. Because all spaces that have been occupied give off vibrations, whether someone is sensitive to that or not, it will affect a business.

Have you ever noticed the giant record and video stores, how they pulse, and jump and vibrate, almost to the point of exciting you about the place. In actuality, there has been much thought and deliberation that has gone into the planning of the business. There is a famous beauty establishment, artfully named “The Red Door” and since red is associated with fire, and an element of success, it has been very successful.

Whether we recognize it or not, many successful businesses have left very little to chance. They have made it a practice to learn and apply many aspects to ensure their business success. This goes from the image they want to convey, in their letterhead, logo and all business aspects to the design and creation of their workplace.

Having had various business practices conducted out of my home, I have made it a point to create a living, harmonious workspace. Both for myself (remember, You are important) and the clients that have consulted me. When a person takes the time to create their workspace, it is a trigger to the mind, that this is a place of work, ideas, creativity and success. So let us begin to look at areas in our workspace so that we might go forward to harnessing the power of energy needed to bring health, wealth and success into our lives.

I am going to ask you to close your eyes, and open your senses to perceive your business or workspace. Ask yourself , if these walls could talk, what would they say to me. Is the space loved and cared for, or do you need to do some cleaning up. Were the previous occupants happy here? Successful here? Does this space feel spacious, flowing, abundant? Or does it feel old, tired, worn down, lacking in luster and vibrancy.

Let go of judgments. You really want to be open and honest and in that way be able to make the changes necessary for abundance and success. Play with it. Pretend that you are the customer or client-walk in the door — what do you see, smell, touch, feel. Is the place warm or cold, does it invite you in, or do you want to turn and leave – quickly. Many of us are used to the environment of business.

This may at times consist of small, separate cubicles. Spaces with little or no regard for the people who work there. We truly have not been trained to look at things from a different perspective. But I am asking you to do just that. Whether your business is a storefront or a space in your home, it is still an environment that you spend many hours in. What does it say about you, about your business and your business practices. If you are telling yourself that your workspace does not matter, you may find that other aspects of your business may reflect that same belief system.

The objects and space you work in does have an effect on your business and ultimately your success. Are you surrounded by objects that have significance to you, that give you pleasure, that invoke prosperity? Or do you sit before a computer, with any old chair or cast offs telling yourself that when you are successful you’ll invest in plush surroundings? Are projects, ideas, finances flowing in your business, in your life? Or are you holding on to old, useless items, outdated ideas and concepts that also hold you back from the flow of prosperity?

There is a law in physics, and that law also pertains to anything dealing with laws of energy. That law is: The Universe abhors a vacuum …. This means that when you leave a space empty you are opening up to the receptive factors for something to fill it. When you let go of things that no longer serve you, and make space and affirm and concentrate on new, good wonderful things coming into that space…they will.

When I moved into a new house, I had very little furniture, the place was pretty empty. At times it felt almost too big, too cavernous, and then one day, I decided to look at things from a totally different perspective. As I looked around the empty room, the picture windows open to view of mountain tops, I set the intent of “look at the wonderful open spaces I have. Look at the view of mountaintops, a constant reminder to look higher…to expand my vision.” Shortly after that new opportunities did present themselves.

As you make room for the new, I leave you with my favorite words from Dr. Spock of the old Startrek series, “Go Forth and Prosper”….

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Having had a background in sales, marketing and design, Rosalyn Harwood thought that she had achieved success. Upon her twin brother’s death, she began a search for the meaning of life, and it led her to open up to her intuitive healing abilities. She has worked with many people in removing the blocks to their success.
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