3 Reasons to Set Up Your Home Office Near a Window

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Whether you work from home on a full-time basis or just need some time away from the office, finding the perfect place to set up shop within your own space can be challenging. You don’t want to start working somewhere too distracting, like the living room, and you don’t want to get too cozy in your bedroom.

Our solution is setting up your work station near a window. Natural light pouring through a window is energizing and allows you to focus and get settled into your work. While it may seem distracting to park yourself in front of a beautiful view, it actually allows you to hone in on what you’re doing and get those creative juices flowing. Here are a few reasons why it’s your best bet.

1. Energizing Natural Light

home office by window
A fantastic reason to set up near a window is the abundance of natural light. You won’t need a floor or desk lamp to illuminate your work space, and you’ll familiarize yourself with your natural rhythms and circadian cycle, allowing you to take breaks that your body needs and call it quits at a reasonable hour. While you can place your desk directly in front of a window, we suggest pushing it back a few feet and allowing yourself some breathing room. Setting up your work station directly in front of or under a window can make your electronics and other accessories more susceptible to the wind, chill and heat that come in through glass.

2. Soothing Design Elements

home office by window
Another fantastic reason to set up shop near a window? The design elements! Natural light reacts best with decor that reflects nature and its many textures, like wood, stone, natural fibers and glass. Create a nature-inspired space with plants arranged in colorful pots and bowls, a sanded wood desk and glass accents to promote an open and airy space.

3. A Great View

home office by window

A clear view of the nature and greenery that surrounds your home is a calming, stress-relieving sight. Having a beautiful view also helps you produce creative, quality work, more so than if your desk faced wall. Again, your desk doesn’t have to be directly underneath a window to enjoy the view. By creating a work station just a few feet away or caddy-corner to the window, you are still able to reap the benefits of having a big beautiful view nearby without running the risk of exposing your laptops and electronics to the outdoor elements.

Last but not least, don’t forget to give your office windows the designer treatment with window coverings and accessories that match your decor and will keep you inspired. Follow the natural trend with woven wood shades and treatments, or opt for more drama with flowing drapery in transparent, gauzy material. Add tie backs and hooks to let the natural light in during the day and privacy in the evening after you’ve put a bow on your projects.

Have we convinced you to set up your home office near a window yet?


Kerrie Kelly

Kerrie Kelly

Kerrie Kelly http://www.kerriekelly.com/ is a Sacramento based interior designer who likes to write about all things design for The Home Depot. Kerrie also provides great tips on integrating home care into design, such as fire safety and child-proofing.

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