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Never think you can do everything on your own. Learn where entrepreneurs can get help

For some entrepreneurs, business savvy comes naturally. For others, entrepreneurship is an intimidating prospect: to have your own business, to go out in the world and sell yourself, your services, your products. But you’ll do fine, trust me. Everybody starts somewhere. Just think, this time next year, you’ll be even better at your business than you are now! Here are a few things to help you along the way to becoming a better entrepreneur.


Let’s face it. The best way to get good at anything is with practice. So if you need help starting a small business, be patient with the process.

Experience is the best teacher and every mistake you make will make you more of an expert in what you do. You will try some things and find they don’t work, and try others that do. Allow for the challenges and disappointments as they will make you better at your business.


You can also get help starting a small business by working with a mentor. A mentor can answer questions you may be hesitant to ask (afraid of looking like you don’t know what you’re doing). A mentor can also share his or her own experiences, perhaps steering you away from certain things that could be time- or money-wasters for your business.

A mentor is a fantastic sounding board but also someone who supports and encourages you because it gives them joy and satisfaction to share what they know. Mind you, a mentor can be someone to whom you introduce yourself personally, or it can be someone whose books you’ve read or whose blog you’re addicted to.


Another way to get better at your business is to participate in training programs and workshops based in your industry, nowadays available online (free and paid options) or offered through a local community college. Anything you can do to enhance your knowledge and understanding of your industry will make you more marketable.

Personal Development/Coaching

Many entrepreneurs participate in personal development programs to enhance their success in business. Courses and seminars are something you should budget for, just as you would budget for printer supplies and marketing materials.

better entrepreneurTry Dale Carnegie for powerful and effective communication and presentation skills. Walk on coals with Tony Robbins to test your faith and determination. Experience a Landmark Forum weekend to explore philosophical questions and determine your “blind spots” in life. Cultivate a millionaire mindset and get serious about money and wealth with T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive. Hire a personal or business coach to help you go beyond the bounds of what you perceive you’re capable of.

Always be looking for ways to improve yourself. The better you know yourself as a human being, the better you will become at your business.


You can also get help starting a small business by reading magazines and books or listening to books on audio CD. Name any business and there’s probably someone who’s written a book or article about it. If they haven’t, then there’s a need you can fill in the marketplace!

Learn from the masters. Increase your know-how. Expand your industry-related vocabulary. Quote or mention books, leaders, gurus you come across. And always trust in your own experiences. These are what will truly help you become better at your business.
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