7 Powerful Business Secrets for the Entrepreneur

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As entrepreneurs, we all just want to get into high gear, fast. We want to see the business we’ve nurtured to succeed, with our products and services loved by our target market. Tossing out all the fluff here are seven business secrets for you to ponder. You may be seeing them for the hundredth time or the first time, but they’re still just as powerful. Check off any you’ve mastered and go right on to the next.

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1. Do you know what business you’re in?

You do? Well, actually, you don’t. Actually, you’re in the business of marketing your business. You’ve got a great product AND you’ve got great service. But do you have great marketing? Great marketing is the key to a great business. They need to be combined. Great business and great marketing. No one can stop that combination!

2. Let’s talk about marketing.

This is an absolutely essential task that you shouldn’t delegate. Many have tried and failed. You’re the only one who has the passion, drive and ambition to do it right. Marketing is challenging, but if you ignore it, you’ll perish! You need to become the expert on marketing your business.

3. Everything needs to be balanced.

Innovative and clever beats spending loads of cash. But you need to take care that your leading edge advantage doesn’t suddenly become your bleeding edge pain. The competition has overlooked some niche; that’s where the money is. But don’t wind up in left field!

4. Plaster your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) on every wall so you can’t miss seeing it all the time.

That’s how important it is. It anchors your business and is the cornerstone of your strategy when the times of difficulty arrive. Are you unsure of your USP? That uncertainty will certainly spawn a thousand future problems.

5. Do You have a Plan?

It doesn’t have to stay the same. It’ll change. Without a plan, how will you know if you’re on track or just wallowing in the mud? All your business associates will respect you for having a plan and knowing where you’re headed.

6. Forge great alliances.

You’re working for yourself because you want to be your own boss, but you’re in a very big fishbowl. You’re going to need help in that ocean. Find joint partnerships and alliances. Join several mastermind groups, and find a mentor. Actually, you could use two or three!

7. Your business is your ship.

You’re its captain. If the ship is sailing YOU, all you’ve got is just a job. Your business needs to complement your personality, and your business environment must be extremely comfortable for you to be in. If it’s not, you’ll tend to be reactive rather than proactive. Your creativity is what nourishes you. It’s important that your environment is supportive of this.

Count the number of check marks you made. This list is not easy. But, of course, you were aware that your business wouldn’t be 100% sugarcoated when you started it. The promise of wealth and freedom still makes it worth every minute.


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Oliver P Rochester has had the most stringent boss of his life for the last decade – himself. Employees come and go but his boss stays the same, which is how he likes it. Article originally published on  January 10, 2005
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