Before You Sign the Franchise Agreement

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When and if you decide to proceed, here are some key items you will want to cover with your future franchiser, franchise lawyer and franchise agreement:

Get it in writing!

franchise agreementsCheck and see if you have made any verbal agreements with the participating parties that you are not seeing within the final contract, or you think have not been adequately covered. Once you’ve signed on the dotted line, it could be difficult to make the others step up and keep any promises you don’t have down on paper.

Know your obligations

You will want to make sure it is spelled out explicitly what each individual will be responsible for when opening and running your business. Will you as an individual have to execute the contract or are you allowed to assign the business to an existing corporation you own. Also, will there be any restrictions placed upon others regarding employment, ownership, or partnerships with other highly competitive franchises?

Renewing the license

If you are relying on the fact that you will be able to renew your franchise license once your initial contract expires, you will want to look into whether any restrictions can be placed upon this renewal. If you lose a lease or fail to reach certain performance milestones, can you lose your right to continue on with your business?
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Know your territory

Has a location already been selected for your business, and is it in an area you think will prove beneficial? Will you be allowed to relocate if your lease expires or your business is performing poorly in a certain area? And, is there an agreement set up so that you are restricted from expanding into certain territories because of overlap with other existing franchisees?

Exit provisions

You will want to check and see if there is a provision within your contract that tells you when and under what circumstances you are allowed to terminate your franchising contract and move on, and what consequences you will have to face for early termination. Also, who has the ability to terminate your contract, and under what circumstances?

Can I choose my own suppliers?

With certain relationships you can also be locked in with a supplier and unable to source your own wares even though you may be able to find cheaper, higher quality options available to you. Find out what restrictions will be placed on you in terms of inventory, and if you are able to source alternate brands or types of product from various suppliers.

Can I sell?

Find out what restrictions will be placed on you should you wish to sell or transfer over ownership interests to other owners. Will your partners have the right to stop such transfers from taking place, or have a say in who you are selling your business to?

Get help!

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