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If you want to work from home but don’t want to start a business from scratch, you may want to consider a home based franchise.

As more people opt to work from home, home-based franchises have grown in number in recent years, offering a wide variety of interesting businesses that can be operated from home. Unlike a business that you start from scratch, a franchise offers the benefit of starting a business with a well-known brand name and a strong operating system.

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In addition, a home-based franchise offers several advantages such as:

  • Lower cost to entry compared to traditional franchises
  • Home-based franchises often have lower franchise fees
  • Home-based franchises allow you to save on the overhead costs of running a storefront.
  • Home-based franchises give you lifestyle benefits by allowing you to work from home while taking care of your family
  • No commuting to work, thereby saving on gas
  • Flexible working hours

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Whether you are a stay-at-home mom taking care of the kids, or a retiree who wants to branch out to a new field after a career in the corporate world, or simply anyone who wants to become their own boss but wants the convenience of working from home, there are a number of franchises that you can do from home.

Business and Professional Franchises

Majority of home-based franchises are service franchises, and many of them are geared towards businesses and the professionals.

Coaching and mentoring franchises are one of the most popular categories of home-based franchises. One example is Turbo Leadership Systems, which is an executive team building and leadership skills development company. For a maximum investment of $50,000, you can use Turbo Leadership System’s process to help elevate the performance of businesses, typically with 50-500 employees and with no training departments.

Another franchise opportunity is The Alternative Board, the world’s largest franchisor of peer advisory board services and business coaching. This franchise is ideal for experienced business consultant, corporate executive or entrepreneur.

There are also a number of finance-focused franchises that can be done from home. The Interface Financial Corp. , for an investment of $150,000, allows you to offer invoice-discounting services. This franchise provides specialized financing services for expanding companies by focusing on “purchasing receivables” in order to accelerate client’s cash flow. A cheaper alternative at $19,995 is the business opportunity offered by Blue Coast Financial Group, which provides financial consulting services.

Another business related franchise you can buy into is the Flying Cow Publications, which is a single sheet restaurant publication made available to local restaurants and their customers FREE of charge. For an investment of $2,950-$5,000, you can buy into this business opportunity and run your own Flying Cow Publication.

Home Service Franchises

Home service franchises are one of the most in-demand franchises around. From lawn care and landscaping to painting services to furniture restoration to window treatments, there are a number of home-based franchises to choose from.

For an investment of $88,000, you can buy into the Lawn Doctor,  which is the leading lawn care franchisor with their patented Turf Tamer application equipment. A slightly inexpensive alternative is Weed Man franchise, which offers mowing, installation work, fertilization and other services geared towards growing and protecting healthy turf.

For less than $20,000, you can buy into Concrete Technology Inc.  (minimum Investment: $19,500), a franchise that allows you to start a business in the multi-billion dollar industry of concrete restoration and beautification. You can also invest in an even cheaper business opportunity for only $5,000 in the concrete coatings business Stardek.

Cleaning and Maintenance Home-Based Franchises

Commercial cleaning and related businesses are also very popular. There is huge demand and need for this type of service, and no commercial cleaning business has any more than 2 percent of the market.

Building Services of America, Inc. is a business opportunity where investment required is only $7,500 and offers a commercial janitorial service providing full service building maintenance.

For a minimum investment of $60,000, you can also buy into the Aire-Master, which is a restroom maintenance franchise specializing in odor control and commercial hygiene services

Many of the home-based franchises have low cost to entry. Many offer turnkey businesses, which includes all the supplies, equipment, and training. Ongoing costs are low too, because there is no overhead. Franchisees keep all their equipment at home so they don’t have storefront rent or a lot of expense that a typical franchise might have.

For more listings of home-based franchises, visit the Directory of Home-Based Franchises.

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