How to Use Videos to Boost your E-commerce Sales

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Below is an excerpt from the book How to Sell More Online: 40 Tips for the Small Online Entrepreneur:

Videos E-commerce Sales

Online videos are growing in popularity, and small businesses can no longer afford to ignore videos. Videos have become a key means for people to get information and be entertained online. For an e-commerce store, you can use videos as a new way of showcasing and highlighting your products, building brand loyalty and engaging customers.

Videos provide detailed visualization of the product features. It makes it easier to imagine the products and how it can be used. Product videos can help potential buyers become more confident in making the purchase and less likely to return the items. An study found that 96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchasing decisions online. Consumers consider businesses that use videos to be more trustworthy and more engaged with customers. Another study even found that video viewers are 17x more likely to make a purchase than non-viewers.

How Videos can Improve Your E-commerce Sales

There are several ways you can use videos to improve your e-commerce site’s sales and visitor loyalty:

Showcase your products in action.

You can create product demonstration or video instructional videos to show visitors how to use the products you sell. These videos allow customers to see your products beyond the 2-dimensional pictures, and provide them an opportunity to see how the product works, understand the functions of the product, help them know what they can do with the products, and give a better sense of the size and shape of the product.

Use videos to boost your brand.

You can also offer videos that appeal to your audiences as the additional content of your site. Visitors are likely to come back to your site if you offer videos related to their interests that cannot be found anywhere else.

Make your customers feel important

By letting them share their own videos about your products, you make customers feel that they are more valued. Encourage them to submit how they are using and enjoying your products. Feature these videos in your blog, or social media pages such as Instagram.

Turbo-charge your marketing by using video sharing websites.

YouTube now has over a billion users, and companies are flocking to YouTube to boost brand awareness and benefit from the power of viral marketing. Videos on Facebook has also exploded and the social media site is aiming to take over YouTube as the world’s biggest video platform.

Videos can be an excellent marketing tool, especially if it becomes viral. To increase your videos’ chances of going viral, start by identifying your target audiences and studying what they want. You can produce videos that showcase the issues or concerns that led them to buy your products. Tap into the experience, using humor or other devices that resonate well with your audiences. One brand that successfully used videos is, whose “Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek”  generated almost 31.5 million views and about 800,000 direct clicks from YouTube to their website.



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