Why Doesn’t Your Website Work?

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web contentAnyone in business these days has to have a website. But there are businesses who find that their website doesn’t do what they expect it to do. They pay a great deal of money for a website only to find that they have ended up with a white elephant which does nothing to enhance their business. The answer to this is to engage a web design & marketing agency to review your website and suggest ways of improving it.

Your website is your ‘shop window’

This may sound like a cliche; but nevertheless, it is true. People judge your business by your website and if they find your site to be badly designed, clunky and difficult to use then don’t expect them to think highly of your business.

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Just imagine going into a shop to find that all the products are mixed up and/or it is difficult to find what you want. The store layout is complicated or doesn’t make any sense and the whole experience is unpleasant or off-putting. The result is an unhappy customer who is unlikely to shop there again and what’s even worse, they will go to your competitors instead.

Right, well apply this analogy to your website. If your visitor finds your website awkward or confusing then expect the same to happen. This is why it is so important that your website makes a good impression.

The purpose of a website

A website doesn’t exist to look nice and shiny. No, it has to earn its keep which means it enables the visitor to achieve their goals. By this we mean that the person who comes to your website does so with a clear purpose in mind. This may be to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter or request more information.
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But whatever their reason, this is their goal which your site will help them to achieve. Your website also has goals as so does your business and your aim is to achieve all three of these.

Tips for a workable website

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your website works. These include:

  • Logical navigation
  • Concise, well written content with clear calls to action
  • Good use of white space to separate elements on the page
  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Optimised for the search engines
  • Clean, simple design

Other aspects include a good balance between images and content, several contact details, e.g. phone number, Skype etc, site map, fluid layout and a mobile version of the site.

There are many reasons why a website doesn’t work the way it should which include poorly written content, illogical navigation, lack of consistency, no SEO and a bad design. But these can be resolved, benefiting you and your customers.

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