How to Use Effective Persuasion Strategy to Get You the Sales

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persuasion strategyHotel guests today have become more responsible for their actions. Thanks to the increasing environment programs of hotels, guests have become responsible when it comes to reusing their towels to help conserve environmental resources such as energy and water and reduce the amount of detergent-related pollutants in the water systems.

Years ago, hotel guests wouldn’t have any qualms about towel replacements after being used once because as they say, ‘I paid for it anyway.’ But this blasé attitude has been replaced by a more concerned attitude after hotel chains embarked on the environment bandwagon. In most cases, this campaign comes in the form of note card printing placed in guests’ bathroom – cards that provide some surprising insights into the remarkable science of persuasion.

A study on the messages on hotel note card printing revealed that the cards most commonly attempt to encourage towel recycling efforts by focusing on the importance of environmental protection. Through these note cards, guests are informed about how much resources are used into washing and drying that single towel. To further draw guests’ attention to the impact of this request to recycle, the note cards are often accompanied by various eye-catching environment related information in the background.

Using Persuasion Strategy

This persuasion strategy is something that all marketing professionals should consider. The power to persuade or the science of it should be reflected in all marketing campaigns including the development of marketing collaterals like invitation printing, brochure printing, note card printing, etc. The power to persuade can definitely be harnessed through market research and through an understanding of human psyche.

Most marketing campaigns are focused on the product or service. No wonder why the marketing collaterals are more of a visual treat rather than a strategy. The thing is, people who are confronted with choices will decide based on established psychological theories and practices to guide them in making their choices.

What motivated hotel guests to reuse their towels? Introspection. The hotel guests’ motives were driven by the desire to do something for the environment because those little note cards tapped into their values and identity as environmentally concerned people.

Marketing professionals can benefit immensely by understanding the psychology of persuasion and by using the specific persuasion strategies that have been scientifically proven to be effective. Hence, if you are trying to develop a campaign from invitation printing to flyers and brochures to launch a particular product or service, think again. Yes, you could probably make more sales by making a very attractive design in your invitation printing for example, but have you ever thought that you can probably make more if you just take the human psychology into your design.



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