5 Ways to Write Profitable Sales Copy

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Sales copy has a single function. It is used to impel the prospect to take action. That activity could be to buy something, though it may even be to encourage an inquiry, to trigger a click-through or to create a prospective subscriber to an e-zine. Regardless of the main objective, using sales copy emotional triggers to stimulate activity is a proficient way to boost your conversion rates.

We buy things for emotional reasons, plain and simple. We rationalize our purchase through logic but the initial purchase is generally triggered by feelings. We desire to feel better, look more attractive, be more revered, and a whole multitude of needs and aspirations. It’s your job when you are preparing your sales copy to tap into these wants and aspirations with emotional writing.

Sales Copy Emotional Triggers

The following are 5 tips to guarantee your sales copy emotional triggers provoke activity by your potential customers.

1. Instill Emotional Into the Issue

What is your prospect’s problem? Your product or service is the one program that you need to show solves your prospects largest difficulty. Write down a list of problems your prospect is having and find how you can insert sales copy emotional triggers into them.

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Below are a couple examples of this in the small business niche:

  • “Frustrated that your online business just isn’t making as much profit as you wish it to?”
  • “Overwhelmed by technology and searching for a basic solution to generate more sales ?”

Frustrated and overwhelmed are sales copy emotional triggers that any aspiring online marketer or business person can understand.

2. Insert Emotion Into the Likely Solution

Stick emotion in the possibility you present.

Below are 2 more examples of this in the Internet marketing niche:

  • “How would you feel if your small business were meeting or going beyond your income goals?”
  • “Picture how easy your life would be if all you needed to use was one basic tool to raise sales by 10 %.”

Both of these statements squeeze in emotion into the likelihood of a solution to your prospects situation. You would like your prospect to be asking the questions you created, that are answered by acquiring your product or service.

3. Make Use of Emotional Words Into the Body of Your Sales Copy

Listed below are terms that trigger various diverse emotions in prospects, depending on the situations. These sales copy emotional triggers are extraordinarily powerful when applied in conjunction with steps 1 and 2 mentioned earlier. They have to expand on what you have formerly outlined and math up with the story you are relating to your prospect.

  • Terrified
  • Bogged Down
  • Pointless
  • Proud
  • Young
  • Perfect
  • Enchantment
  • Fascinating
  • Classified
  • Trailblazing
  • Indispensable
  • Exciting
  • Privileged

4. Rational and Emotional Words

Learn the distinction between realistic words and sales copy emotional triggers.

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There is actually a really handy tool easily available online that will help you make positive changes to your sales copy. Simply search for “Paul Galloway Emotional words” via Google. You will find a tool that lets you plug in your sales page and it will show you where you can replace rational expressions with more emotional concepts. Do not just take the tool at its word though. As with everything in Internet business, test and track the adjustments to see if your conversion rate increases.

5. Use Sales Copy Emotional Triggers in Titles, Pledges, and Calls to Action

Ensure your subject line or promise and your call to action are likewise tapping into emotions. Urgency, big promises and other subject lines and call to action methods usually involve the power of emotional words.

For example:

If you exclaim, “Buy right away before the last copy is gone,” you are tapping into the fear of loss emotion. Folks will presume they are not going to have accessibility to a copy of your book if they hold back and will likely click through to buy now, which is exactly what you want.

Keep in mind when you are adding in your sales copy emotional triggers that people regularly purchase for emotional reasons. What emotions is your reader or prospect feeling? What emotions do they want to feel? How can you make use of emotion to make them buy?

Consider the emotions you experience when you buy something and then put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Good sales copy speaks to these emotions and makes things happen.

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5 Ways to Write Profitable Sales Copy
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5 Ways to Write Profitable Sales Copy
Sales copy has a single function. It is used to impel the prospect to take action. Learn 5 tips to guarantee your sales copy emotional triggers provoke activity by your potential customers.
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