Unique Selling Proposition: Know What Sets Your Business Apart

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Unique Selling Proposition: know what sets your business apart
There’s a standard marketing term called the USP, Unique Selling Proposition, that’s going to be very important in helping you (and prospective clients) figure out why they should work with you as opposed to your competitor down the street. Use this along with your credibility factors to close clients.

Let’s face it, as human beings, we are all unique and different. As professionals (especially self-employed!) we all have something that sets us apart from everyone else, including our colleagues and competitors. We may have a different idea of service, a product that has more benefits, a specialty or niche that we know better than anyone else.
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Whatever sets you and your business apart from others is crucial for you to identify and communicate is your Unique Selling Proposition. Why? Imagine one of your potential clients looking through the phone book and seeing 65 listings and ads for your category. How would you stand out? What would make them call YOU as opposed to the next listing? (And no, we’re not talking about you naming your business “AAA consulting” so that you come up as the first listing!)

Be able to clearly communicate what your USP is whenever speaking to a potential client, referral partner or even a current client.

To help you develop your Unique Selling Propositions answer these questions:

  • Of all the people in my field, what do I do that others do not?
  • What features of my practice set me apart from others?
  • What benefits can I promise that others do not?
  • Why should a prospective client work with ME as opposed to someone else?

QUOTES distinguish yourself from crowd

Grab a pad of paper and take some time to think about what your Unique Selling Proposition is – what you offer as opposed to what your competitors or colleagues offer and write this down. We’ll use this later on in the system to help you go out there and educate your environment on what makes you unique in your field. Clients will pay attention to this.

Sometimes it actually helps to write down the 10 things that make you different from your colleagues and give it to potential clients as a Client Attraction tool, or existing clients as a referral tool that will educate them on as to how you are different from others (especially if you’re starting out. This also boosts your own self-confidence if you need it).


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Unique Selling Proposition: Know What Sets Your Business Apart
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Unique Selling Proposition: Know What Sets Your Business Apart
Learn how Unique Selling Proposition (USP) can help you understand your competitive strengths, win more clients and increase your sales.
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