Why Launch an App Like VIDGO?

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If there is one thing which can be said about today’s culture, that would be that we live in a mobile society. Not only do we move about more often than ever before in history, but the plain truth is, we are always on the go. Why do you think more people now search on mobile devices than from a home-based PC? That’s right! We access anything and everything via our cell phones or tablets because we are usually on our way to or from something.

As a matter of fact, when is the last time you were on public transportation of any kind and didn’t see at least ¾ of the riders clicking away, both thumbs going in a blur of motion? If you are wondering why to launch an app like VIDGO, that’s just one reason, albeit a very important one. Here are a few others to ponder.

America Works Odd Hours

Could it be only a generation or two ago when 24-hour stores and restaurants were a novelty? Since so much of the country has 24-hour stores, diners, and factories that operate around the clock, it’s often difficult to be at home when your favorite show airs. With an app like VIDGO that enables you to watch television live as it airs, the only thing you need to worry about is scheduling your break so that you don’t miss the latest episode of your favorite reality show. Even if you do, no biggie! You can record it on your DVR in the Cloud so that you can watch it whenever or wherever you want.

But What Exactly Is VIDGO?

Most of America is familiar now with devices such as Google’s Fire Stick and that little Roku box that enables you to stream television shows through your Internet connection to your HD flat screen TV. Actually, Roku works in much the same way only it doesn’t need to be connected to your television and it doesn’t need to be connected to your home Internet service. Anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection, you can stream all your favorite TV shows, movies and even local news and programming right to your mobile device. That’s VIDGO and that’s also why an app like that was launched.

You Don’t Need Any Special Equipment!

Another reason why an app like VIDGO is the perfect 21st hi-tech app to launch is the fact that you don’t need any special equipment whatsoever. Unlike the Fire Stick or the Roku box, your cell phone is all the equipment you need. You already have a mobile phone, right? Well, that’s all you need and as long as you are connected, you can watch whatever you want on demand or airing live. It’s amazing what a novel piece of software can do to bring the best of TV viewing to you no matter where you happen to be hanging your hat at any given moment of the day or night.

VIDGO Is the Best of All Worlds

So why launch an app like VIDGO? Perhaps the best reason is simply in what it is and what it does. VIDGO is the best of all worlds. It is local programming (that you would pay extra for on satellite!), movie channels, news channels, music channels and everything in between. It’s a software platform that lets you watch what you want when you want and you are not locked into any expensive subscription fees. A true pay-as-you-go entertainment platform that lets you take your favorite programs along with you on devices small enough to fit in your pocket. Why VIDGO? Because it’s the only thing like it on the market and you can get in on the ground floor.

Not going to make it home tonight in time for the local news? No problem! You have a cell phone, don’t you? Load your VIDGO app and you’ll never watch today’s news tomorrow again – EVER! That’s why VIDGO.


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