The First Step to Being Organized

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When I tell people that I am a professional organizer, they seem embarrassed when they relate to me how they never have enough time or that they are overwhelmed with work. These are symptoms of not being in control. Let’s face it, you will never ‘have the time,’ you have to ‘make the time’ to do what is most important each day.

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Being organized is being in control. We are not born organized, it is a learned skill, which anyone can learn. I realized that I grew up being organized because my mother was. Also I learned a great many organizing techniques from the CEO’s and Presidents of the large and small companies I worked for as an administrative assistant. You may not have had this kind of role model, so don’t be embarrassed about it, you can learn.

Organized people are in control of their lives. Successful executives are incredibly organized. Although they have tremendous responsibilities, they measure their success by how many hours they have to do what they want, such as time for their family, hobbies and personal pursuits, after they have taken care of business.

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They have mastered the techniques that simplify their lives and make their work more efficient. These include: performing serious work during ‘prime time’ when their energy level is highest; quickly extinguishing minor fires to prevent major crises; taking quiet time to work uninterrupted, and rapidly processing and filtering large amounts of information.

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To eliminate stress and work more relaxed, one can learn to be in control. This includes knowing your priorities, delegating whenever possible, being able to juggle multiple projects, and avoiding procrastination, the biggest time waster of all.

It’s all about handling effectively the hundreds of micro-decisions that we’re faced with every day – every phone call, every note scribbled on a piece of paper, every item on a ‘to do’ list. When you are in control, everything becomes easier.

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The First Step to Being Organized
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The First Step to Being Organized
Do you never have enough time or are you overwhelmed with work? These are symptoms of not being in control. Let’s face it, you will never ‘have the time,’ you have to ‘make the time’ to do what is most important each day.
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