Ten Misconceptions We Have About Success

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troubled-business-ownersHow we think of success often determines just how successful we become. As in most areas of life, the thing that limits us the most is often ourselves. See if you have any of the hang-ups below that might be blocking you from achieving all the success that awaits you.

10 Misconceptions about Success

1. Some people can’t be successful.

Anybody can be a “success.” It’s a matter of having the desire and doing what’s necessary to achieve it.

2. Successful people don’t make mistakes.

Wrong, they make plenty of mistakes. They just don’t repeat them.

3. You’ve got to work 60 (70, 80, 90…) hours a week.

Working 70 hours a week means nothing if you’re not doing the right things. Focus on doing what’s right not just on doing a lot.

4. You’ll only be a success if you play by the rules.

Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. Successful people often make up their own rules.

5. If you have help along the way, it’s not success.

Success rarely occurs in a vacuum. Recognize the people who help you become successful, there are plenty of them.

6. It takes a lot of luck to be successful.

Maybe, but it takes so much more hard work, diligence, and knowledge — who needs luck?.

7. It’s only success if you make a lot of money.

Define success however you like, but there are plenty of successful people who aren’t rich.

8. It’s only success if everybody knows it.

Again, if that’s part of your definition, then fine. But the truth is, you can be a success and be the only one who knows it.

9. Success is a goal.

Success is a by-product of achieving your goals. Saying that you “want to be a success” begs the question: “At what?”

10. Once I’m successful, my troubles are over.

You may be successful, but you’ll still have the ups and downs that you had before. Enjoy what success you achieve and live each day as it comes.
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Ten Misconceptions We Have About Success
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Ten Misconceptions We Have About Success
How we think of success often determines just how successful we become. Learn the 10 most common misconceptions we have about success -- and how to avoid them
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