Business Success is an Ongoing Journey

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success mindsetOne of my favorite quotes maintains that, “Success is never final, failure is never fatal, it is courage that counts.” This quote has a lot of implications for the modern business owner. If failure is not the end of the road, there must be an ongoing journey where we can convert our shortcomings to success. In order to make that shift, we need to be properly equipped for the journey to success. Whether you are providing a service or a product, you need a certain level of provision for yourself to ensure that you remain steadfast to accomplish your business goals.

To do this, you need to surround yourself with positive affirmation, and be connected to someone who can empower you to overcome the challenges that you will face. In other words, you will need to find a mentor. Someone who embodies the end-result you seek. People can only lead you to where they have been. If someone has not experienced the level of success that you are seeking, then they cannot coach you on how to get there.

The business goals you seek to accomplish must be within grasp. You cannot become something that seems unattainable and elusive. One the best ways to make your stated goals plausible is to be in affiliation with someone who has obtained such results and can inspire you to obtain similar results. Visualization of success is always helpful. However, imagery of success will only take you so far, in that they are limited in the dream realm and not rooted in reality.

You need to forge a relationship of mentorship with someone who can relate to the potential in you to foster its actuality. Think of it as connecting with the successful business owner or entrepreneur that you hope to become. That person will provide you with the support and encouragement that you need along the way. When you hit speed bumps and come across certain barriers, your mentor will cheer you on, coach you and motivate you to succeed.

Every shrink needs to have his or her own shrink. Regardless of your station in life; you have to acknowledge that there is a time when you will need to receive instead of giving. Or times where you need to draw from as opposed to being drawn from. You cannot always be the starring quarterback. As the circumstances require, you have to and take on different roles depending on the circumstances. For instance, if you constantly encourage others, ask yourself: who encourages you? You may think that you don’t need any encouraging, but you would be wrong.

If you don’t get the encouragement that you need, you will not have the right perspective and that will impede your success. You have to mentally gear up for success, before it can materialize itself in the physical realm. You can do this through the renewing of your mind, getting the mental focus and attention from someone else.

When you select someone to mentor you, this person’s role must be focused on that established purpose. Don’t confuse this relationship with that of a friendship, though that may serve as a good basis. The person’s most important role in your life will be for the purpose of mentorship. This power relationship will help you blossom and be more steadfast. Your humility in acknowledging the need for a mentor is guaranteed to bring you further along on the path of success.

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