Why Goal Setting is Important

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reach for the skyI’m sure you’ve already heard a thousand times how important it is to set goals. You’ve heard the saying; if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there. Thousands of successful people attribute most of their success to goal setting. Knowing this, why don’t the majority of people set goals?

Goal setting starts within you. Your have to first believe that it is possible to achieve the thing that you desire the most.  Then write it down on paper and take steps to make it happen. Focus your mind to achieve that goal.

How do you possibly bring yourself to believe in your own success? After all, so many of you have been at this success thing for a while and it still hasn’t happened for you. Companies that you believed in and worked hard for have failed, your family and friends are waiting for you to “be realistic”, and life just keeps giving you one blow after another. But there’s a small fire burning inside of you. You keep at it because all you know is you can’t continue to get up every morning, go to work for someone else and allow them to determine how much you’re worth each week (which is far below you true value).

So where do you go from here? Where do you start today?

The road to inner belief in your success begins with you telling yourself everyday, throughout the day, that you can do what you set out to do, you can have what you set out to get, you can be that successful person you know lives inside of you. Yes obstacles will come, doubters will be around, but don’t you be one of them.

Treat yourself like the person you love and care about most. If you had a child who had a paper route and they wanted to accomplish a goal but they kept running into obstacles, what would happen? They would soon become discouraged with so many people telling them no, I’m not interested in what you have to offer. What would you say to your child? I’m sure it wouldn’t be the same thing you’ve been saying to yourself.

Turn your words around. Speak those same words of encouragement you would speak to your discouraged child, to yourself. If you would never put a loved one down, especially when they are feeling discouraged why would you do that to yourself? You have the power within to stop it right now and turn it around.

Be committed from this point forward, to speak words of encouragement to yourself. The mind is an amazing thing. You can convince yourself of anything over time. If you repeatedly tell yourself everyday, throughout the day, how successful you are, how capable you are, you will not only start to believe it, you will start to live it. Setting goals will become something that you look forward to because you know that you know within that all things are possible to him who believes. Watch your words. You can do this success thing!



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